It’s a party, and all types of characters are invited!

Every year, on 2 February, people around the nation part their hair down the middle and tie each section with a hair tie to celebrate Twintail Day.

The annual celebrations aren’t reserved solely for people, as 2-D characters are also known to get in on the act, making it a party for of all sorts of personalities. This motley crew of twintail lovers came together for the festivities today, so let’s take a look at how they celebrated below!

▼ Kurumi Takemoto from idol group HKT48 showed us how to rock the look.

▼ As did Saaya Kawagoe from idol group NGT48.

The day is often celebrated by cosplayers, and these were some of the best cosplaying twintailers from the day.

▼ Some cosplayers paired their twintails with another set of twins.

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku is one of the country’s most famous twintailers, and a number of cosplayers paid homage to her look today.

▼ Another inspiration — Sailor Moon.

Miss World Japan representative Yuina took part in a maid’s outfit…

…while voice actor Yui Ogura stole the show with her twintail appearance, which garnered over 27,000 likes, and a heap of adoring comments from her many fans.

Some of our favourite appearances today were also the most unexpected, like Sanrio’s Cinnamoroll…

…and the Sumikko Gurashi gang, who came out from the corner where they live to show the world their twintails.

Perhaps the most adorable set of twintails from this year’s celebrations, however, belonged to this fruit, from the Soga tomato farm in Niigata Prefecture.

Twintail Day 2022 was a fun celebration for all who took part, so we hope you enjoyed the party! Although this year, our male reporters were too busy eating to join in the celebrations like they did last year.

Source: Twitter
Featured image: Pakutaso
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