It’s a long way from Ishikawa to Shibuya, but was the overnight bus trip worth it?

When it comes to haircuts, you can broadly divide customers into two categories. Some people simply go to the closest inexpensive barber, while others are willing to go across town to get their trim at a salon with a stylist whose skills they believe are worth the extra time and expense.

But the man pictured here is a special case. Not only does he not live in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo, where he got his last haircut, he doesn’t live in Tokyo at all: he lives in Ishikawa Prefecture.

▼ It’s about a 440-kilometer (273-mile) drive from Ishikawa to Shibuya.

The drive from Ishikawa to Tokyo takes about eight hours by overnight bus, which is how the customer made his way there. If you’re wondering what would possess someone to go to so much trouble for a trim, it’s because this is no ordinary hair salon. It’s Diece Shibuya, whose head stylist Sho Otsuki (@DIECE_SHOU on Twitter) has been dazzling Japan with his amazing hairstyling makeovers, like the one we looked at a year ago.

Otsuki’s skills haven’t just been in the online media spotlight, either. His videos were also featured on TV talk show Matsuko Kaigi, hosted by popular television personality Matsuko Deluxe. After watching the segment the man in Otsuki’s latest video decided to make an appointment at Diece Shibuya and make the journey to Tokyo, and the results…

…are another success, with a new look that’s at once less messy and more stylish than the one that the customer walked in with.

The infectiously positive vibes of the video have impressed viewers leaving comments like “I love seeing the confident smiles of the customers after they get their haircuts,” and odds are this newest addition to that group was smiling all the way back to Ishikawa, or at least the parts of the ride he was awake for.

Source: Twitter/@DIECE_SHOU via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@DIECE_SHOU
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