Richard Simmonds

Originally from Sussex in the UK, Richard came to Japan for the first time in 2011 to teach English. Deciding that only one stint as a student wasn’t enough he returned to go to university in Osaka where he still lives, working slowly towards his inevitable destiny of being killed in an avalanche of manga and textbooks, surrounded by the discarded wrappers of assorted matcha-flavour sweets and biscuits. Whilst continuing his love-hate- hate relationship with the Japanese language he works as a translator, writer and sometime bar pet gaijin.

Posted by Richard Simmonds

Japanese Internet users show off their myriad coffee filter-based life hacks

Coffee filters, is there nothing they can’t do? Yes, but still.

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Evidence of world’s tiniest cat? Pawprint found in ikura

Japanese twitter user finds a miniscule pawprint inside salmon roe.

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New robot moe figure is here to sing and dance for you all day long【Video】

The Internet of Things (IoT) finds its newest home in a pint-sized moe-cute figure who gyrates for your pleasure.

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The My Nintendo Store website crashes, but all is forgiven

No standard error message as Nintendo unleashes its latest cute creation: Nin-Godzilla

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Konami reveals video game heroine Bombergirl, and her new image will set off sparks

Bombs, beauty, and, as this artwork would seem to suggest, other things beginning with the letter “B” are all part of the latest installment of the classic video game franchise.

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At new Kanagawa attraction, you too can be a Ninja Warrior…sort of!

While most of us can’t build our very own Midoriyama, there will soon be a place in Japan where we can unleash our inner ninja.

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