Taiwanese Fishing Boat Flotilla Arrives at Disputed Islands, Invades “Japanese Waters”

As reported here on RocketNews24, on Tuesday last week, a flotilla of Taiwanese fishing boats was rumoured to have set off for the now infamous Senkaku archipelago, situated close to the Japanese island of Okinawa, with a view to asserting rightful ownership.

This report came just hours after stories of a similar fleet heading to the disputed islands from mainland China, which turned out to be false.

The initial rumour of the Taiwanese boats, however, proved to be true… Read More

China Puts Beggars in Cages During Religious Festival to Keep Them From Ruining the Mood

When Chinese officials were deciding how to handle the over-100,000 visitors expected to show up for the Xishan Wanshou Palace Temple Fair, an annual religious festival held in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, there was one problem: what to do with the beggars?

The scale of the event in recent years has made it a magnet for the impoverished and homeless seeking alms and many visitors have complained the constant pleading for pocket change ruins the festive atmosphere.

Unable to just throw the beggars off the street (this is a religious festival, mind you), organizers decided to take the humanitarian route and erect a 165 foot-long iron cage to keep them in during the duration of the festival.

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【TGS 2012】 Where Have All the Chinese Gone?

Over 200 companies from 19 countries are said to be operating booths at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, but visitors to the four-day long event may notice that one major world power turned out to be a no-show.

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China Develops Innovative Method to Measure Manhood

The other day I was smoking a cigar while driving my Hummer with a gun rack in the back when I saw a pretty young lady walking along.  I asked if she’d like to head down to the shooting range, but she replied “no thanks, micropenis!”

Taken aback, I screamed, “How did you know?!”

“Ancient Chinese secret,” she said with a wink.

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One Piece’s Luffy Makes Surprise Appearance in Dragon Ball Years Before He was Created

An unusual discovery was made by a Chinese manga fan while reading through old issues of Dragon BallIn a panel following one with Cell hovering over a village, a resident can be seen with the distinctive straw hat and tank top commonly associated with Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece fame. How come no one noticed it until now?

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Anti-Japan Protests: Take That, Rolex! Now Take that Rolex!

To the pyromaniacal factions of protesters out there,

We’re sorry you recently got caught with egg on your faces after torching a Samsung outlet.  To be fair, that’s not such a crazy mistake to make. But to have us believe Swiss-based watchmaker Rolex is somehow wrapped up in the Senkaku Islands row is a little much.

Then again, far be it from us to disagree with an angry mob.  Maybe you know something we don’t?

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Anti-Japan Protesters in China:  Oops! We Thought Samsung is Japanese


Quick, what country does Samsung come from?  

If you said Japan, you’re wrong.  Samsung is actually headquartered in South Korea.  But no worries, it’s just a missed trivia question.  However, if you’re an angry mob hell bent on destroying all things Japanese and you make this same mistake, you’ve committed a major faux paus.

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China Reportedly Sends Fishing Boat Armada to Senkaku Islands, Fails to Show Up but a New Challenger Approaches

Chinese state-run media reported on Monday, September 17 that 1,000 Chinese boats were heading toward the Senkaku Islands, the group of islands at the center of a territorial dispute that has triggered numerous anti-Japanese protests across China since last month.

The “armada” was said to be made up of fishing boats from coastal provinces such as Zhejiang and Fujian, and while Chinese media made it sound like the fleet was getting ready to play a game of naval chicken, a Chinese fishing industry representative followed up by saying that the mass departure of boats from port was merely because waters in the East China sea had become open to fishing.

Still, when pictures like the ones above and below surface on the internet along with the headline “1000 Fishing Chinese Ships Heading to Waters Around Senkaku”, you can’t blame the Japanese for catching the jitters.

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Teleportation Caught on Chinese Traffic Cam!

China’s state-run media has been known to stretch the truth in the past, but now they’re making a claim that really beggars belief: they have footage of human teleportation. Is it from the basement labs of some high-tech, secret government research center? No, it’s from a traffic surveillance camera, but could it be the real deal? Read More

Japanese-Owned Store in Shanghai Asserts Chinese Solidarity amid Violent Protests ***Updated***

After weeks of anti-Japanese protests in China, with many escalating into physical violence and damage to property, Japanese nationals and businesses alike are understandably on edge. With many stores being ransacked and any person thought to be supporting Japan in any way- including innocent Chinese civilians unfortunate enough to be seen driving Japanese-made vehicles- being attacked amidst mob violence, it is little wonder that people are doing whatever it takes to distance themselves from Japan.

Famous clothing brand Uniqlo– a Japanese company founded in Yamaguchi prefecture- opened its flagship Shanghai store in 2010 to much fanfare and excitement, suggesting that, irrespective of the differences the two countries may have, trendy fashions at low, low prices can bring people together in mutual consumer harmony.

It would seem, however, that even one of China’s most loved Japanese brand names is battening down the hatches for fear of mob reprisal… Read More

Chinese Man Dragged Out of Car and Beaten For Driving Toyota During Anti-Japan Protests 【Contains Graphic Imagery】

Anti-Japanese rallies in China continue to escalate as protesters in cities across the country have come out in the thousands, marching in front of diplomatic compounds, attacking Japanese businesses and burning Japanese flags (see photos of the destruction here).

The Chinese government has shown no signs of intervening and the unchecked violence has become a double-edged sword as many of the Japanese businesses vandalized were staffed by local employees and contribute to local tax revenue.

Now it seems the protests have begun to take a toll on human life as well: it was revealed on Sunday that at least one Chinese person was trampled to death in a protest and, even more tragic, another person was critically injured after being attacked for driving a Japanese car.

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Anti-Japan Protests In China: Scenes of Senselessness

This weekend Japanese (and other) businesses in China have been the victims of a spate of arson attacks as well as vandalism and looting as anti-Japan protests have escalated to record levels since Japan and China established diplomatic ties in 1972.

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Is the World’s Largest Automotive Market Beginning to Fade?

China, the manufacturing powerhouse that makes up 20% of the world’s entire population, has seen fierce economic growth for the past ten years.  Even the automotive industry, the pride and joy of American manufacturing, has been over taken by China.  The following is an examination of the Chinese automotive industry, the changes it is facing, and measures that have been enacted to combat the shrinking domestic auto market.

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A Shoo-In Method For Cheating on Your Math Test

When I was in high school, the TI-82 graphing calculator was the cheater’s tool of choice. At first we would simply store important equations into the “Y=” graphing screen. After teachers caught onto that, we figured out that you could register data to the calculator’s memory and restore it with the push of a button.

I imagine that schools today must be on complete technology lockdown, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Just take a look at this novel, low-tech cheating method devised by one student in China that’s sure to knock you off your feet.

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Chinese Man Creates Life Sized Transformer by Himself

Home of the independently created floating bed and doomsday escape pod, China has become a hotbed of DIY inventors making their dreams come true.  Such is the case for a resident of Jinan who, since watching Transformers 4 years ago, has been creating his very own.

After spending 70,000 yuan (US$11,000) and 6 months he was ready to unveil this robotic wonder. He sure looks proud. Let’s see it!

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Chinese Model Still Looks Like Alien, Photos Reveal Cute Girl Under Layers of Makeup

Some of you may remember/ have been unable to scrub from the delicate walls of your memory the image of Dina Leopard, the Chinese model who became internet famous for rockin’ the alien diva look with her disproportionatly large eyes and small, pointy chin.

We were reminded of Dina and her chin the other day while snacking on a bag of Bugles and decided to check her blog on Sina Weibo to see if she’s still keepin it extraterestrial.

Turns out she is and oh boy do we have some photos to share with you.

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What’s Your Passport Worth? (Not That We’re Buying)

It turns out that not all passports are created equal…

International residence and citizenship experts Henley & Partners released a report earlier this month detailing for the first time the level of ease with which people of various countries are able to travel around the globe, and what restrictions they face during their time abroad.

The more fortunate among us are undoubtedly well aware that, with a valid passport, they are relatively free to travel wherever they like, and can in some cases remain in a foreign country for months at a time without acquiring any kind of paperwork or additional visa approval. But there are also many countries out there whose governments require citizens to jump through a series of hoops before allowing them to leave the country for so much as a weekend, and even then their entry to another country is not always guaranteed.

Henley & Partners’ Visa Restriction Index ranks countries based on how easy it is for their citizens to travel around the globe, essentially providing a numerical value to any given country’s passport. After comparing everything from socio-economic factors to political relations between countries, each country is awarded a score, reflecting just how free to travel and enter other countries its people are; in a word: passport power. Read More

How To Cleave Your Dragon

Two photos of a Chinese man holding and then gutting what appears to be a small dragon has surfaced on the internet.

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