How To Cleave Your Dragon

Two photos of a Chinese man holding and then gutting what appears to be a small dragon has surfaced on the internet.

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Thousands of Crocodiles Emerge From Water in China, Sign of Imminent Earthquake?

Thousands of crocodiles emerged from water at an ecological park in Nanjing, China, on September 8.

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Mass Looting of Truck Accident Leaves Driver with Sour Grapes

Have you ever wondered why some people are massive jerks?  Occasionally you’ll come across someone who just seems to loath everyone and is a misery to be around.  You figure that something terrible must have happened in the person’s past to make them that way.

During a truck accident on a highway in Lanzhou, China, one of these people may have just been created when a driver had his whole cargo of grapes stolen by an entire community.

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Mother Unable to Tell her Quadruplets Apart, Shaves Numbers into Their Heads…Well That’ll Solve the Problem…

They say a mother is always able to recognize her children even if her offspring are genetically identical.  Surely even Nadya Suleman, the infamous Octomom, is able to tell the difference between each child in her artificially created brood.

But what about the rest of us?  Without a maternal connection to sets of identical siblings, how are we supposed to tell them apart?

Enter one mother in China who had a low-cost solution to this problem: shave numbers into their heads.  Why hasn’t anyone done this before?  Taking a cue from The Island is a brilliant idea, nothing could ever go wrong.

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US University Admits it Used Chinese Children in GM Rice Testing, Chinese Government Denies Involvement

On August 31, Greenpeace uncovered a study backed by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) involving feeding genetically modified (GM) rice to children in Hunan province, China.

Chinese officials in Hunan immediately denied that the study had taken place but a few days later, a representative from Tufts University in the United States confirmed that they had indeed tested a new strain of GM rice on Chinese children in rural areas of Hunan.

Whoops! Looks like someone’s a tattletale.

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China Invents Floating Bed: Kids Love It, Parents May Fear It

China seems to be a hotbed of independent development of new inventions recently.  Inventing’s a tough business though.  For example, “China’s Noah’s Ark” has dubious financial prospects.

However, in central Chongqing, China, the Wang family has been enjoying their much more promising invention: a floating bed that can be stored in the ceiling!

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Chinese Guy Mails Himself in a Box to Surprise Girlfriend, Arrives Unconscious From Oxygen Deprivation

There’s a lot of things you can put in a box to please your girlfriend. And to the loving boyfriend, that smile of anticipation as she unwraps the box and the gasp of delight as she sees what’s inside is insatiable.

Earlier this week in China, one such loving boyfriend decided that he wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a box containing the most joyous gift he could think of: himself.

Yet when the package arrived at his girlfriend’s office, it was not a gasp of delight she let out but a shriek of terror, for inside the box lay her boyfriend, unconscious and deathly pale after passing out from oxygen deprivation.

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Horror Hotel: Man Impales Self on Shower

Think about the worst experience you ever had in a hotel.  Perhaps you found a cockroach or the water pressure was really bad.  Whatever it was, this harrowing experience of a man staying in a hotel in Jinhua, China is sure to trump it.

The following story is a bizarre and grisly accident that left even the emergency workers on the scene visibly shaken.

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Chinese Woman Falls Asleep Into River, Floats Along for 40 Minutes Before Being Recovered

On August 12 in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, calls were flooding into the local police department that “a dead body was floating in the river.”

When they arrived on the scene they indeed found a young woman floating by herself, except she wasn’t dead. She was napping.

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Amazing Typhoon Photos Show Ruthless Power of Nature, Boundless Stupidity of Mankind

Typhoon Bolaven tore through the southern part of the Korean Peninsula on late Tuesday, then crossing over to the Shangdong province in East China on early Wednesday before calling it a day.

The storm was the strongest to hit the region in over a decade, leaving a trail of destruction and at least 8 dead in its wake.

Despite being aware (supposedly) of how dangerous the storm was, some Chinese residents of the coastal city of Qingdao gathered at a park near the coastline to watch the typhoon waves come in and do what it is Asians do best: take pictures.

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Video Shows Chinese Airline Worker Either Attacked by Customers or Playing Possum, You be the Judge

On 20 August, a lengthy flight delay turned ugly at an airport in Beijing, where frustrated customers complaining snowballed into a scene from a zombie movie.  In the middle of the fracas someone took a video and posted it on the internet.

In the video, a peculiar image of an airline employee just lying motionless on the floor has people asking: “Did he confuse his ‘what to do during a customer complaint’ manual with his ‘what to do during a bear attack’ one?”

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Upper Class Chinese Paying People to Do Prison Time for Them? More Moral Conundrums in China

Be it drowning family members or rescuing neighbors from pits of crap, China continues to not disappoint in the things that make you go “hmmm” department.

This time, let’s say that the son of a wealthy family killed an innocent bystander while drag racing on city streets and is up on a variety of charges, possibly resulting in the death penalty.

In an effort to protect their unfortunate son, the family asks you to be his substitute in prison.  The sentence is guaranteed to be reduced to – oh, let’s say 3 years – and you’ll get paid for every day of it.  What would you do?  What would you charge?

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Chinese Boy Left With 38 Stitches After Frozen Cola Can Explodes in His Face

Nothing quenches yours thirst on a hot summer day like a chilled can of cola. Some people, eager to make their cold beverage even more refreshing, may think of leaving a can in the freezer for a few hours.

This is exactly what one boy in China did, leaving with him with 38 stitches after the frozen can exploded in his face the moment he opened it.

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[Video] How to Extract an Egg Yolk Using a Plastic Water Bottle

Chinese DIY site Jifenzhong has uploaded a video showing a nifty little trick for separating an egg yolk using only an empty plastic water bottle.

Check the video after the jump.

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Chinese McDonald’s Reported to the Police for Burger Being too Spicy

According to  recent Chinese market reports, a patron of a McDonald’s in the city of Guangzhou of the Canton Province, took his grievances over his overly spicy burger to the police, causing quite a commotion.

The disturbance took place in mid-August when a man went into McDonald’s for his dinner, ordering a Spicy Chicken Burger.  On finding it much more spicy than the previous one he’d had, he reported it to the police!

The spicy chicken burger is supposed to be spicy, but its spiciness must have been so very unbearably distressful—a breach of his civil rights, even—that he felt he had to make a police report. Read More

Fail Dude at Anti-Japan Protests in China Invites Self-Destruction, Causes Global Ripples

Violent anti-Japan protests, triggered by the recent landing of activists from China on some disputed islands, are now being reported in various cities in China. Less dramatic than the trashing of Chinese-owned Japanese cars and vandalism of Chinese-staffed Japanese restaurants, there have been calls to boycott Japan-made goods, which makes this fellow below a bit of a curiosity.

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Innocent VIctim of Anti-Japan Protests in China? Or Did She Have It Coming?

As you may already know, every summer, coinciding with the anniversary of the end of World War 2, bickering of one kind or another occurs between China (and Korea) and Japan. This year, things seemed to escalate with some provocative statements by Tokyo’s governor. More recently, some activists from China traveled and tried to stage some kind of sit-in on said islands. And now, to take things further, anti-Japan protests in China have become violent.

The woman pictured above in tears was at the site of one of these protests. What happened to her? Did she do anything wrong? Read More

Company Accidently Recreates Milky Way Using a River in China

The river you see here has been used by the residents of this part of Wenzhou, China daily for doing the wash. However, on the morning of 9 August they awoke to a puzzling sight. 

The river had been dyed a milky white color overnight.

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Oops! Chinese Mob Ravages Japanese Restaurant During Anti-Japan Protest, Later Finds Out it was Owned by Chinese

Anti-Japanese demonstrations have been sweeping across China since Sunday in response to Japanese activists unfurling Japanese flags on a disputed island in the South China Sea, four days after Chinese activists landed on the same island.

Undoubtedly the most high-profile of the protests was in Shenzen, where some Chinese protesters burned Japanese flags and even turned violent, vandalizing Japanese cars and breaking into a local Japanese restaurant.

What the angry Chinese mob didn’t realize was that, like most Japanese eateries outside of Japan, the restaurant they ravaged was owned and operated by Chinese.

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Seat Belt T-Shirt Pleases Lazy Chinese Drivers, Worries Police

Some people seem intent on not fastening their seat belt while driving. You would think significantly increased risk of injury and death would be enough to pursued people to buckle up, especially when doing so only takes a few seconds.

Yet this is apparently too much hassle for some people in China, where a T-shirt designed to make it look like the wearer is wearing a seat belt has been selling faster than a driver throw out the front window shield during a head-on collision.

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