The 2011 World Aquatics Competition is set to take place in Shanghai from July 16 to 31. The athletes here in Japan are training hard and things are starting to heat up as the competition gets closer.

Like any other event in East Asia, China has created a mascot character to represent the event. However, the character design is so awful that it only serves to take away from the excitement surrounding the event. Read More

Chinese City Boldly Scraps National Tracksuit Unifom For Miniskirt

In our last post we wrote about China’s fascination with other country’s school uniforms and dissatisfaction their own. While Japan has the cute sailor outfit and Thailand has the sexy black miniskirt, China has to settle for 12 years of tracksuit.

However, photos showing the school uniforms used in the city of Zhuhai, posted to a Chinese image sharing site earlier this month, suggest the tracksuit may soon be on its last lap. Read More

Construction is often thought of as a man’s job. The work can be physically demanding and dangerous, and many women may not be interested in drilling nails and operating heavy machinery. However, in the Sichuan province of China rumor is going around of one lovely young lady who’s got the wrecking balls to sweat and grunt with the big boys. Read More

On April 26, police in the Jinlin province of China crashed a local brothel, causing panic as staff and customers fled to avoid arrest.

One customer and his escort were caught in the heat of the moment and, having no time to dress, ran frantically through the building and outside to the roof full monty.

Fortunately for the Internet the scene was caught on camera.

Read More

Jilin Province, China—Last year, Mr. Zhang’s beloved pet dog Hu Zhi (Tiger) suddenly stopped eating and died for reasons unknown. As Mr. Zhang was burying his companion, he noticed a hard lump protruding from the dog’s stomach.

When Mr. Zheng took the dog in for an autopsy to find out the cause of the protrusion, a gallstone about the size of a chicken egg inside was found in his stomach. Mr. Zhang decided to keep the stone as a memento. However, Mr. Zhang was soon informed of a shocking fact: the stone removed from his dog’s stomach has a value of nearly 500,000 Yuan (US$76,487).

Why is this stone worth so much?

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The 2001 comedy film “Shaolin Soccer” caused a sensation at Hong Kong box offices, becoming the highest grossing film in Hong Kong cinema history at the time. The film tells the story of a group of six Shaolin monks who draw on their acrobatic and martial arts skills to play soccer and spread the word of Shaolin kung fu to the masses.

While the superhuman ability of the monks in the movie is something confined to the realm of fantasy, the real warrior monks of the famous Shaolin Monastery are currently training to make ‘Shaolin soccer’ a reality.

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Social network service Twitter provides users with a legitimate platform to casually write whatever thoughts may come to their head. Unsurprisingly, there have been many instances of people posting thoughts they probably should have kept to themselves. The fallout from these cyber-gaffes is usually limited to people having a few laughs at the poster’s expense, or some loss in credibility for those with more celebrity.

However, several ‘tweets’ on Chinese Twitter clone Zuosa have recently caused an uproar among the Internet masses for their cold-heartedness, and the utter lack of common sense requisite to post them.

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McDonald’s China Price Costs Leaked, French Fries 17¢

It can be said that the McDonald’s Dollar Menu is a true testament to the fruits of modern civilization. When we live in an era where an individual can purchase a McChicken, Small Fries and Hot Fudge Sundae for the price of one United States dollar a piece, it’s difficult to imagine how much further mankind can really progress. Some of us may even think, ‘At such low prices, how can McDonald’s even turn a profit? Surely they must be sacrificing themselves for the greater good of everyday values!’ Read More

Chinese Girl Too ‘Lolita’ to be Homeless

For many of us the word ‘homeless’ brings to mind a very particular stereotype. Perhaps an old man with dirty skin and disheveled hair, wearing several layers of grungy clothing, standing on the street corner, begging for change. However, despite common preconceptions, it’s important to remember that people from all walks of life are pushed into homelessness. Read More

Taiwanese food is popular―in China

“Buying some Taiwanese fried chicken and eat on my way home is like my daily schedule,” said Lu, a senior high school student in Dan-dong city of China. Wearing hoodies, Lu and her classmates came to a small Taiwanese market in front of the train station. It seems like they can’t live a day without eating Taiwanese fried chicken. For girls have similar ages or backgrounds, not only Taiwanese food, but also Taiwanese fashion is the most popular.

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