Lemony Life Hack – Squeeze More Juice From Your Lemons!

Whether it’s a savory slab of salmon, or a sweet cheesecake, lemon juice can enhance a multitude of foods. But the squeezing of lemons to get their fresh juice is often tedious and seems to bear little reward. How do you all normally squeeze lemons? Most people typically cut it in half and get to squeezing straight away. But there’s a method that will yield much much much more juice, as we present below:  Read More

Get Ready for the Olympics by Revisiting Current World Records

One of the best parts of the Olympics is when a world record is broken, but with the 4 year gap between Olympic summer games it’s easy to forget what has happened before.  So RocketNews24 would like to offer you a quick recap of the greatest achievements from the best of the best athletes from around the world in Olympic events and beyond.

To make these statistics more accessible we compared some of them to various zoo animals and everyday objects.

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The World’s Most Beautifully Isolated Homes

Everyone has those days where you just feel like getting away from it all, but some people have acted on that impulse in spectacular ways.

The following are some photos of the most beautiful and most secluded residences in the world.  You can’t help but wonder how people live in these places and as you’ll see, it usually requires monk-like discipline.

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Cockroaches Give Mankind a Huge Evolutionary F-You by Being Pretty In Places We Don’t Live

A photo that has been circulating the internet recently has people scratching their heads. Suspected by some to be photoshopped, this image has captured what appears to be an arguably beautiful cockroach.

Naturally, not everyone is assuaged by the makeover. As one commenter succinctly pointed out “a cockroach is a cockroach.” True, but probably everyone would trade our hideously black city dwelling breed of roach for this more palatable line. Which begs the question: “What the heck, cockroaches?”

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See this amazing video of a “Super Moon” – breathtaking images that look almost surreal!

Most of us at one time or another have probably looked up at the night sky and marveled at the beauty of the moon glowing a beautiful pale silver, or sometimes a golden or orangish yellow. Well, looking at the night sky is sure to be even more exciting when you can see a “super moon” in the sky! What exactly is a super moon? To put it simply, it’s when the earth and moon comes closer together in distance, and you see the moon appearing larger and brighter than usual.  We actually had a “super moon” earlier this month, and we’ve found an amazing video that was taken at the time! Read More

HEMORRHOIDS! The Best of Comically Bad Japanese T-Shirts on Non-Japanese Torsos

Everyone loves Engrish, and everyone enjoys lampooning the machines that create it and the silly humans who wear it.

Is it as funny when the tables are turned? What happens when non-Japanese deck themselves out in clothing with unintelligible characters on it, only to have the true meaning outed on the web for all to see? Read More

Much A-Blue About Strawberries, Hypothetical Question Gets Everyone in a Tizzy

About 30 years ago, the late great George Carlin asked the famous question; “Where’s the blue food?”  In this routine he’s quick to point out that many foods with “blue” in the name aren’t really blue.  Blueberries are so dark they barely register as blue.  Blue cheese is just white cheese with blue mold in it.  And if anyone on the internet refers you to a “blue waffle” please forget you read it and move on with your life.

This culinary curiosity appears to have everyone mystified as proved by the recent landslide of attention that has befallen a website called  A cute little article attempting to answer the question “Do blue strawberries exist?” which was written about a year ago has just recently been a magnet of attention in the middle of a fierce debate over genetically modified food.

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It Really Works! Turn Your iPhone Into a Microscope With Just a Drop of Water!

The iPhone4S has captured a lot of hearts (and pictures) with its impressive built-in 8 megapixel camera and there are many owners who feel the phone has made the compact digital camera obsolete.

Now it seems the iPhone has turned its lens to science: a blogger on Scientific American recently found that adding a drop of water on the camera’s lens turns the device into a microscope.

The iPhone4S is the camera of choice here at our Tokyo office, so we couldn’t help trying it ourselves after hearing the buzz.

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New Trailer for Ruroni Kenshin Live-Action Film Hits Net, Subtitles in Four Different Languages Coming Soon

The first official trailer for the live-action film adaptation of popular manga and anime series Rurouni Kenshin was released to the public on Tuesday.

Warner Brothers Japan has also confirmed it is working on 4 different versions of the trailer with English, Chinese, French and Spanish subtitles in response to a flood of enquires from fans in 136 countries around the world after last December’s 40-second announcement teaser.

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Revisit 20 Photos of Some of The Most Powerful Moments and People in Modern History

Thanks to the proliferation of the internet we can see countless images in an instant with the click of a mouse.  Most of the pictures available online, however, are of cats with misspelled captions or people confusing Joseph Kony with Carl Weathers.

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Angry Birds Fans Take Game Into Their Own Hands With Real USB Slingshot

Millions of people have experienced the satisfying feeling of pulling back their digital angry birds, releasing and sending them flying into those rickety pig-built structures on their smart phones or computers. It almost makes you want to light up a cigarette afterwards.

But after playing through the hundreds of levels that Roxio has released you may find that original satisfaction waning somewhat.  We have seen the videos of “real-life” versions in the past, but most of us lack the space and resources to do it ourselves. Well now, some ingenious fans have found a great way to add a fresh kick to their Angry Birds addiction using a real slingshot.

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How to Open a Beer With Your iPhone

You buy a beer on your way home, happily thinking of that moment when you can crack it open and relax with a frothy brew. But then you can’t find the bottle opener! You know it was around here somewhere, but no matter how much you search, you can’t find it. Everyone one has had this frustrating experience, right?

Actually, you can get that cap off even without a bottle opener. Of course, a bottle opener is best, and the other methods carry certain risks, but desperate times call for desperate measures! We decided to try out various different methods for removing bottle caps, including one that puts your iPhone to a new use. Read More

What Do Pickup Artists Around The World Think Of Japanese Girls? “Easy Targets”

For a single Japanese girl like myself, nothing is better than a trip overseas. Those unreal moments in an unknown land that provide an escape from the daily grind or, better yet, those romantic encounters with local men!

I mean, foreign guys are just so kind and gentlemanlike, yet so passionate and sexy!

Okay, but wait. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are obviously some foreign guys in the mix who are just looking to pick up a girl for an easy lay. And there are many of my fellow Japanese girls who have been fooled by good looks and a smooth tongue only to regret it later.

So what exactly do these foreign guys think of us?

I recently spoke with a male Japanese backpacker who, in his travels around the world, has infiltrated the ranks of foreign pick-up artists and had them divulge their true feelings about macking on Japanese girls.

What he revealed may (or may not) be common knowledge to our readers abroad, but it came as a shock to me: “I’m sorry to say it, but most foreign pick-up artists see Japanese girls as easy targets.”

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How To Make an iPhone Hamburger

iPhone fans: if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered if there isn’t someway you could enjoy your favorite smartphone in delicious hamburger form.

When I purchased a clear plastic iPhone cover at the 100 yen shop the other day, it hit me that this just might be the key to making that dream a reality.

However, as with many of my other culinary escapades, making a presentable iPhone hamburger was no simple endeavor.

I have recorded the recipe I used below. Feel free to use it as a guide when attempting to perfect your own smartburger. Read More

Toyota’s New Aqua is Most Fuel-Efficient in the World, But is Not Green

On Nov 15, Toyota revealed its new compact hybrid vehicle, the Toyota Aqua, as a part of its lineup for the Tokyo Motor Show, which will take place next month.

The Aqua, which is actually a compact version of the company’s best-selling hybrid, the Toyota Prius, will have a fuel economy rating of 40 kilometers per liter (94 miles per US gallon) and is expected to be the most fuel-efficient hybrid in the world. Read More

Siri Reluctantly Tells Us a Story, We Can’t Tell if She’s Cynical of Full of Herself

The iPhone4S continues to see strong sales since its October launch, and we imagine that means many of you native English speakers are enjoying the company of Apple’s voice-controlled assistant app Siri, likely with better luck than we had.

While the main purpose of Siri is to save time and help organize, she was also programmed to respond to a variety of unique questions with a variety of unique answers.

For example, we recently found that Siri has a few things to say when you present her with the request, “Tell me a story.”

When we first made the request, Siri reservedly insisted that she can’t tell stories, that she’s “not a storyteller.” However, after repeating the request several times she finally caved in and began to recount to us her own, glorified personal history. Read More

Our Top 10 International McDonald’s Hamburgers

McDonald’s is one of the most prominent symbols of modern globalization. Yet while it is possible to order a Big Mac in all corners of the world, many travelers seek out the golden arches to see what regional specialties are served in that country.

Throughout my own travels I’ve encountered many a fascinating and exquisite McDonald’s hamburger not available here in Japan. Wishing to share my findings with other potential McTravelers, I have compiled a list of my top 10 regional McDonald’s hamburgers.

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When looking at a map, many people may often use their own country as a standard by comparing it with the geographic features and locations of other countries. The Japanese, however, have gone an extra step and created a map that uses their own country as a standard for the world itself. Read More

Do you have a guy friend who hasn’t had a girlfriend in ages? Some guys have no problem finding their next girlfriend after breaking up with the last one. On the other hand, some guys have never found themselves in a serious relationship of any kind.

Internet forums have buzzed with conversations between groups of Japanese women over what the differences are between men who can attract women and those who attract only scorn. After lengthy discussion, they narrowed the list down to 20 characteristics of guys to avoid: Read More

How well do you know your cat?

Humans have been living with pets for a very long time. We especially love our dogs and cats. We think of them as friends, companions– even as family members. You may think you know everything about your furry friend, but there are facts about your pet’s characteristics and history that you may have never heard. In particular, here’s some interesting trivia about man’s trusty rodent controller, the cat: Read More

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