Doll-Faced Four-Year-Old Russian Model Melts Hearts, Saves World

What better to heat you up as the weather turns cold than some Babes from the North? Russian models have a reputation for knowing how to keep warm, but four-year-old model Kristina Pimenova is crushing hearts with her doll-like features and uber-cute poses.

Down, boy! Here, go chew on Nozomi Sasaki for another 15 years. She’s from the Russia of Japan (otherwise known as Akita Prefecture).

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Worst Own Goal of All Time Replayed 1 Million Times Over

In soccer, the goalkeeper is the essence of defense. No matter what happens elsewhere on the field, you have to get it past the keeper, and that’s no easy task.

Or, it shouldn’t be easy. With the help of Youtube, keeper Virgil Vries of the Golden Arrows of the South African soccer league showed the world a new way to allow your team to score on itself. Read More

Beautiful 43 Year Old Japanese Model Looks Like She’s In Her 20’s, Garners Huge Chinese Fanbase

UPDATE: Now without makeup!

Japanese fashion magazine model Masako Mizutani is stunningly beautiful. Her goddess-like appearance and smart style have enchanted people across Japan and her official blog, where she mainly shares cosmetic product recommendations, has earned her a steady fan base of both men and women looking for beauty tips.

What’s really stunning about this Japanese Aphrodite, however, is that in addition to being a model, Mrs. Mizutani is a 43 year old housewife with a 20 year old daughter. Read More

We Take Cues From Reddit Picture, Attempt The First Japanese “Kubipan”

Recently on our Japanese site, we introduced a picture (above) uploaded to reddit of a young black male who had sits causally with his pants pulled up over his shoulders. The picture was a hit with our Japanese readers, who interpreted it as a herald of the end of koshipan—the Japanese word for ‘saggy pants,’ which is a portmanteau of hips (koshi) and pants (pantsu)—and the beginning of a new age: the age of kubipan (kubi = neck).

Feeling it our mission to keep Japan up to date with the latest hip-hop fashion, we called upon our own Mr. Satoh to model the basics of kubipan for our Japanese readers who are interested in trying it themselves.

However, we soon realized how foolish we were to believe such a challenging new style could be easily manipulated. Read More

Fingernail Genesis Evangelion

Previously, we introduced some fantastic nail art featuring characters from the popular manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. It seems the same person, who goes by the Twitter handle Shibupanda, has once again used her nails as canvass for Japanese pop culture, this time with the cast of Japan’s perhaps most beloved anime, Evangelion. Read More

Compared to the reserved and soft-spoken Japanese, the Chinese are an enthusiastic people. When they’re happy they show it with unrestrained laughter and when they’re upset their temper often gets the best of them.

Because of this disposition, small arguments between complete strangers are nothing out of the ordinary in China. However, a video recently uploaded to Chinese video sharing site Youku shows one quarrel between two people on a subway train that quickly turns into a full-out brawl. Not only that, but the person who uploaded the video was polite enough to add combat sports-style commentary so users can follow the fight as it unfolds. Read More

Unofficial Chinese Steve Jobs Memorial iPhone4 Case Sells Like Mad

Soon after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ death was reported, a design featuring Job’s silhouette incorporated into the white Apple logo to appear as a bite went viral and spread rapidly across the internet.

The logo, thought up by Hong Kong graphic design student Jonathon Mak, was actually created after Jobs announced his resignation in August, but it didn’t receive much attention until after Jobs’ death.

Now, one enterprising Chinese company has printed the design on an iPhone4 case and put a limited number up for sale on Chinese internet shopping site Taobao, where it immediately started selling rapidly. Read More

China’s Anthropomorphic “Map Girls” Stretch Imagination, Constrained By Borders

In Japan, it’s fairly common to see internet users upload pictures of anthropomorphic characters based on technology or popular brands and products to message boards. It appears that a similar trend has recently become popular on Chinese boards, only that the things being personified are entire countries. Read More

Camel Steaks & Gecko Burgers: The Top 5 Rare Meats Available For Purchase On

Fast, convenient and a selection of products large enough to make shopping malls obsolete, is the Mecca for internet shoppers.

The site is particularly useful for purchasing products you may not be able to easily find at local shops, such as rare books, collectibles and a unique variety of butchered animals.

That’s right – while they may not show up on the front page’s daily deals, the internet retailer does offer a hefty selection of rare meats. We’ve searched to see just what we can have shipped to us in that happy brown box and today we’d like to serve you our top 5 choice cuts. Read More

Plenty of 20-somethings sponge off their parents, but one 21-year-old Japanese parasite refuses to sponge herself off and is attracting a gaggle of male admirers on Japanese Internet forum 2channel.

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Chinese Girl Tries Too Hard to Look Like Anime Character, Terrifying Results

Update: Chinese Model Takes Beauty Tips From Aliens, Terrifying Results

A Chinese girl with a face like that of a shoujo manga character has been attracting attention on the Internet. Read More

Taiwan’s Weather Girls: Come For The Forecast, Stay For The Miniskirts

Japanese guys love their female newscasters so much that the best (and cutest) of them hold celebrity status. Yet no matter how much they are fawned over by fans, these lovely ladies are professionals and make it a point to not do anything overtly cute while on the air.

But surely there are many people who want the cute first and the news second. To these people, we recommend one of Taiwan’s newest sensations: Weather Girls. Read More

When going to get a new hair cut, some men may have trouble finding the right words to describe the kind of hairstyle they are going for, and often don’t know themselves.

One man, wondering what to do with eight years worth of hair, decided to leave his head in the hands of 10 different stylists by restricting himself to the simple phrase: “I’ll leave it to you.” Read More

Pikachu Exposed To High Levels Of Radiation, Evolves

Pikachu, the mascot character for the popular game Pokémon, is adored by people from Japan and the world over. Countless fans have shared their love of the little mouse by posting their own Pikachu artwork to sites across the ‘net.

Recently, one concerned fan has envisioned what may be happening to the Pikachu inhabiting the grass around the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant:


Cesium Monster
Height: ??? m
Weight: ??? kg

Humans not equipped with Full Armor that approach Tepuchu die immediately.

Pokémarts across the country will soon offer ‘Radiation Stones’ for those unable to bring their Pikachu to Fukushima for evolution via direct exposure.

On May 2, 2011 Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs during a special operation in Pakistan. President Obama stated that the death of bin Laden is “the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat al-Qaeda.”

As details of the operation were reported around the world the scene of President Obama and government officials watching the situation unfold live via camera feed from the White House emerged as a representative image of the event.

The severe expressions of those present show the room was filled with palpable tension. However, a series of images posted to Japanese Internet forum 2channel show the mood in the room may have been slightly different than mainstream media has let on. Read More

Taiwanese Girls Face Plant For The Sake Of Art

In 2009 a Facebook group called The lying down game was created to showcase pictures of people lying face-down with rigid bodies in public. The group became an Internet sensation in the English-speaking world and the group now hosts thousands of pictures of fans face-planting all over world.

Now, a Facebook page featuring photographs of two beautiful young women lying face-down in public places around Taiwan has began to spread the fire across Asia. Read More

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano has become something of a running joke among Internet forms in Japan after donning conspicuously large protective gear during an in-the-car, on-the-ground inspection of the 20 km evacuation zone in Fukushima on April 17.

Mr. Edano is also being criticized for rushing the inspection and leaving Fukushima too soon despite being more heavily outfitted than the workers who visit the area daily. Consequently, when Mr. Edano called for people to “stop overreacting” over Fukushima during a press conference two days later, some snidely responded with, “You’re one to talk.”

Our resident political analyst has informed us that, to restore his image, Mr. Edano is secretly preparing a new outfit for his next visit to Fukushima that is sure to be received much more favorably: Read More

On April 17 Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano made his first visit to the earthquake disaster area, attending a conference with the mayor of Minamisōma city and making an inspection of the missing persons investigation with the 20 kilometer evacuation zone.

Surely it is tempting to laud Mr. Edano, the man overseas media has branded the ‘Jack Bauer’ of the crisis for his hands-on attitude. However, the conspicuously heavy-duty gear worn during the inspection and the surprising swiftness with which he left the scene has made Mr. Edano something of a running gag on Internet forums in Japan. Read More

Nearly one month after the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated Northeast Japan, most people in the country have returned to their normal daily routines. Yet the reality is much different for those living in the disaster-stricken areas, and millions of people continue to suffer.

On Hatelabo, a website where users can post and comment on journal entries anonymously, one post is causing commotion for shedding some light on just how different that reality may be.

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A young mother’s blog containing entries of her inability to love her four-year-old daughter is creating controversy in Japan.

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