Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano has become something of a running joke among Internet forms in Japan after donning conspicuously large protective gear during an in-the-car, on-the-ground inspection of the 20 km evacuation zone in Fukushima on April 17.

Mr. Edano is also being criticized for rushing the inspection and leaving Fukushima too soon despite being more heavily outfitted than the workers who visit the area daily. Consequently, when Mr. Edano called for people to “stop overreacting” over Fukushima during a press conference two days later, some snidely responded with, “You’re one to talk.”

Our resident political analyst has informed us that, to restore his image, Mr. Edano is secretly preparing a new outfit for his next visit to Fukushima that is sure to be received much more favorably: Read More

On April 17 Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano made his first visit to the earthquake disaster area, attending a conference with the mayor of Minamisōma city and making an inspection of the missing persons investigation with the 20 kilometer evacuation zone.

Surely it is tempting to laud Mr. Edano, the man overseas media has branded the ‘Jack Bauer’ of the crisis for his hands-on attitude. However, the conspicuously heavy-duty gear worn during the inspection and the surprising swiftness with which he left the scene has made Mr. Edano something of a running gag on Internet forums in Japan. Read More

Nearly one month after the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated Northeast Japan, most people in the country have returned to their normal daily routines. Yet the reality is much different for those living in the disaster-stricken areas, and millions of people continue to suffer.

On Hatelabo, a website where users can post and comment on journal entries anonymously, one post is causing commotion for shedding some light on just how different that reality may be.

Read More

A young mother’s blog containing entries of her inability to love her four-year-old daughter is creating controversy in Japan.

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Possibly the most internationally famous food of Japanese cuisine is sushi. In Japan, sushi is so popular that there is a huge variety in the way it is served.

Cheaply priced moving-sushi-boat style (called “kaiten sushi” in Japanese), more moderately-priced deli-style packed sushi, and expensive “omakase”-style (literally, the sushi chef picks the cuts for you) at a sushi counter are just a few of the wide variety of styles of serving sushi in Japan. Read More

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