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North Korea Launches Rocket and… Hey, Isn’t That Windows Media Player 11?

Earlier this year North Korea attempted a rocket launch which they claimed was intended to launch a satellite in honor of the new leader Kim Jong-Un.  Many around the globe, however, condemned it as missile testing.

The launch failed, but more embarrassing was the footage released showing the control center, which revealed rows of what looked like computers straight out of a 1960’s sci-fi movie.

However, last week, the reportedly successful rocket launch also revealed a significant upgrade to the foundation of the technology driving North Korean space program’s.  In a video released to the media the control center could be seen using…Windows XP.

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【Newsflash】 North Korea Launches “Long-Range Rocket” in Suspected Missile Technology Test

Despite Japanese news programmes just this morning stating that North Korea would likely delay the launch of its “long-range rocket” until the end of the month, South Korean news sources have revealed that the launch went ahead earlier today at around 9:50 a.m. Japan Standard Time.

Debris from the rocket is believed to have fallen into the sea between South Korea and China, with additional parts crashing down close to the Philippines.

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North Korea Discovers “Unicorn Nest”, Proves to Kids that it’s OK to Dream Big

State media in North Korea, notorious for its far-fetched claims like the late Kim Jong Il’s near-impossible golf scores and how the earth around his birthplace cracked at the moment of his death, is reported to have told its public last week that the lair of a mythical unicorn-like creature had been discovered by archaeologists.

Cue the sound of crayons being dropped the world over and dewy-eyed children turning to their parents and yelling “See!? They are real!”

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New North Korean Sneakers Bear More than a Passing Resemblance to Japanese Brand

North Korea isn’t exactly renown for its footwear industry, but the recent appearance of a new pair of sneakers on North Korean television has caused quite a stir in the Asian media.

Featuring an “extra-supportive heel section” and a red design with a series of white stripes, the North Korean design bears a striking resemblance to Japanese company Asics’ own model.

Is this a simple coincidence or are we looking at an all-out rip-off?

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[Breaking News] North Korea Deemed “Best Country To Raise Children” by China’s State Run Media

People often criticize China’s media for their practice of censorship, but recently the Communist Party’s official newspaper People’s Daily blew the lid on a story that no other news organization dared speak of.

Only the People’s Daily should be commended for their expose regarding North Korea’s deep, deep love of children.  How much do they love kids? According to the writer of the article, North Korea’s Future Is Raised In Love, their kindergarteners eat 5 squares a day.

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Visit the US Navy Ship Held Prisoner for Over 30 Years in North Korea

In 2012, a Japanese man was allowed to take a supervised tour of the secretive country of North Korea, we’ve reported some of his observations about their fine dining, public transportation, and more.  And now we bring you coverage of one of the most unique tourist spots in the world: the only currently captured United States Navy Ship, the USS Pueblo.

Our correspondent’s tour guide and government appointed escort took him to the ship moored in Pyongyang where the guide told him “even today, America continues to beg the ship be returned.”

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North Korean Souvenirs Unwelcome in Japan, Travelers Must Throw Everything Away

Our correspondent who travelled to North Korea recently met with an unwelcome reception at Narita airport as he returned via Beijing.  “Customs officials, without any idea it was about to happen, spent about 10 minutes going through my things” he described. “It’s a sketchy country, so I guess they have to do these things, but still – it’s disappointing.”

The result of the search was that he had to give up every single souvenir he got in North Korea.

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A North Korean Wearing Pink Discovered Over 100 Meters Under Pyongyang

North Korean capital, Pyongyang, is home to the deepest subway system in the world. Its lowest point is said to reach 150m underground. A Japanese traveler to North Korea who was the source for our previous article Investigation of North Korea Reveals Their Fried Chicken Is Pretty Good has given RocketNews24 a glimpse into what it’s like to ride this subterranean wonder.

“A local guide brought me to the entrance of Puhŭng Station. To get to the train you have to take an escalator ride over 100m down” he said. While taking pictures of the station his guide warned that “taking too many pictures is very suspicious around here.”

He went on to explain it was morning rush hour when they arrived and there were many people passing through. In the station there were some automatic gates operating but most people opted for the old-fashioned gate, showing their tickets to a station employee.

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Investigation of North Korea Reveals Their Fried Chicken Is Pretty Good

In these days of globalization there are very few countries that can keep themselves shrouded in a veil of mystery like North Korea does. Although there is information out there, it can be hard to get a clear picture of what life is like in such a guarded nation. For example, how do they eat?

North Korea would never allow Western businesses like McDonald’s or KFC to get their greedy capitalist hands on its people, but that doesn’t mean they reject the fast food format itself. In February, 2012, one lucky Japanese traveler in Pyongyang was able to experience what a North Korean fast food shop was like first-hand and document it.

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Airplane Food Review: North Korea’s State-Owned Carrier Keeps It Simple With Cold Hamburger & Juice

On our Japanese site, we run a regular column where we review the in-flight meals of airlines around the world.

While we’ve yet to bring any of these to our English site, our latest review was just too good to keep to our Japanese readers.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the in-flight meal of North Korea’s state-owned carrier, Air Koryo.

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North Korean Gasoline-Baked Clams Taste Great, Could Reinvent BBQ As We Know It

Nothing says North Korean cuisine like gasoline-baked clams. No, seriously. Laying a bed of clams on a gravel pit, dousing them with gasoline from a bottle and lighting them on fire until cooked through is actually something they do in North Korea.

We recently had the chance to speak with a Japanese traveler, who goes by the alias Kuzo, who actually sampled gasoline-baked clams during a trip to North Korea last month.

Kuzo claims that while lighting clams up like fuel-drenched charcoal may not seem like the safest method of preparation, gasoline-baked clams surprisingly carry no trace of gasoline and are rather tasty.

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On May 24 the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released the “Your Better Life Index,” a customizable tool to rank countries around the world according to your personal standards of living. While several other similar ‘happiness indexes’ exist to evaluate countries beyond their GDP, this is the first one based on personal preference.

Soon after North Korea released its own world happiness index. Personal preferences are also heavily reflected in this ranking—that is, the preferences of whichever loyal government official threw the list together. Read More

Although there are many poor people in North Korea, very small number of people live so far from starvation there. Peculation of rescuesupplies by the army, as they say, happens so frequently. You would be amazed when you come to know what Kim Jong-il eats every day … and would be at a loss for words to see how the dictator lives in that poorest country.

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