Taiwanese Students’ Live-Action Recreation of Popular Anime is a Slam Dunk

Basketball’s popularity in Japan today can largely be credited to the mega-hit manga and anime series Slam Dunk. Since its beginnings in the 90s, its popularity had spread beyond the borders of Japan and even to this day it continues to hold a world-wide fan base.

Now, thanks to the National Taiwan University of Arts’ Department of Broadcasting’s Class of 2010, Slam Dunk has been lovingly recreated as a live action video. A hit on YouTube, the video is a rather meticulous reenactment of the opening sequence of the animated version.

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Taiwanese Dentist Only Hires Beautiful Young Women, “We Thought Patients Could Feel More Relaxed If Tended To By Pretty Girls”

The piercing sound of drills, the desperate crying of nervous children, the knowledge that you won’t leave without being scrutinized on your oral hygiene: the dentist’s office is not the most relaxing atmosphere for most people.

In Taiwan, one dentist has recently gained attention for his novel approach to overturning this negative image: limiting the employment of dental assistants to beautiful young women.

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We Ride Hello Kitty Jet From Tokyo To Taipei, Melts Our Hearts Even Before Takeoff

On December 31, 2001, your correspondent (female) and her 2 girlfriends set out from Narita Airport in Tokyo to travel across the sea and spend the New Year holiday abroad.

Our destination was Taiwan, the perfect country for some end-of-the-year girls’ time. Late-night snacks at the night markets, white sparrow fortune telling, Taiwanese massage and a friendly people who are known to love Japan: surely there isn’t a cozier place for the three Japanese women to relax!

Yet, as excited as we were to kick back after arriving in Taiwan, the end-all objective of this trip was none other than the flight from Tokyo to Taipei on Eva Air’s Hello Kitty Jet!

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One For The Books! Taiwanese Netizens Choose 2011’s Top 10 Beautiful Girls

Since the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake in Japan, Taiwan has shown itself to be a nation of extremely generous and caring people, who helped us through one of our darkest times. What you may not know, however, is that Taiwan is also a nation full of some of the hottest women you’ve ever seen. With the announcement that an online poll has selected Taiwan’s 10 Most Beautiful Women, Rocket News 24 would like to return the care and attention that they have given Japan. We also hope you join us and not miss out on the hottest women Taiwan has to offer!

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Taiwan’s Weather Girls Suit Up To Battle Evil And Forecast The Weather

Some months ago, we introduced Weather Girls, a short, daily internet program where a group of cute young Taiwanese girls dance to the day’s weather forecast.

The series adopts a new theme each month, such as “Graduation Month,” “Eco Month,” and even “Bunny Wonderland Month.” (Check our previous article for a sample of the best!)

This month, Weather Girls old and new have joined forces to form an elite meteorological fighting squadron and are ready to save the world and, of course, forecast the weather. Read More

Horn Dogs Dash to Get Drilled by Dainty Dentists

Anything could make a visit to the dentist more enjoyable, but what on earth would make a man schedule an appointment months in advance or show up and wait several hours to get his teeth checked?

Why, a hot dentist, of course. Clinics in Taiwan seem to get it: employing gorgeous young dentists has led to parades of patients lining up to get checked and check the women out. Read More

Taiwan’s Space Raincoat Is 100% Rainproof, We’d Rather Be Naked In Monsoon Rain Than Wear It

We previously introduced the UFOCAP, a revolutionary, Korean-made umbrella that requires no hands to carry and a lot of humility to wear.

Earlier this month, a new piece of sci-fi inspired raingear went on sale in Taiwan that may just ground the UFOCAP from its position of most convenient/embarrassing way to protect yourself from the elements.

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you…the Space Raincoat. Read More

Yakiniku Restaurant Offers Free Tongue To Customers Who Tongue

It’s a common business strategy for restaurants and bars to offer discounts or free food and drinks for customers who come in groups or dress up as the opposite gender.

Beijing yakiniku restaurant Yakinikunin (烧肉人) promises customers a little literal tongue for a little metaphorical tongue. Read More

Taiwan’s Weather Girls: Come For The Forecast, Stay For The Miniskirts

Japanese guys love their female newscasters so much that the best (and cutest) of them hold celebrity status. Yet no matter how much they are fawned over by fans, these lovely ladies are professionals and make it a point to not do anything overtly cute while on the air.

But surely there are many people who want the cute first and the news second. To these people, we recommend one of Taiwan’s newest sensations: Weather Girls. Read More

Modern Toilet Restaurant: From Bowel To Your Bowl

Taipei, Taiwan—a city known for cuisine that overturns common sense and challenges convention.

There is no better representation of this than the popular chain restaurant Modern Toilet. A novel concept that couldn’t be described any better than its name, Modern Toilet offers a variety of poo-themed delights served in toilet-shaped dishes to emulate that exhilarating feeling of eating feces straight from the bowl. Read More

Taiwanese Girls Face Plant For The Sake Of Art

In 2009 a Facebook group called The lying down game was created to showcase pictures of people lying face-down with rigid bodies in public. The group became an Internet sensation in the English-speaking world and the group now hosts thousands of pictures of fans face-planting all over world.

Now, a Facebook page featuring photographs of two beautiful young women lying face-down in public places around Taiwan has began to spread the fire across Asia. Read More

A recent commercial by a Taiwanese online game company has been met with a flood of complaints from viewers for its intolerable use of the human vocal chords. Read More

The neighborhood of Ximending is located in the Northeastern part of Taipei, and is the Taiwanese hub of fashion and Japanese culture. Often referred to as the “the Harajuku of Taipei,” many fascinating sights can be seen just by walking up and down the streets, looking around at the numerous shops, and observing the customers that fill them.

Your reporters in Taipei recently stumbled across a food vendor that sells a corn dog-like concoction made by baking a sausage, coated in hotcake batter, in a special iron grill shaped like a penis.

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A recent Taiwanese fad involves photo studios that offer a special ‘transformation’ service. Women have their hair and makeup done professionally, choose from a selection of fancy clothes, and have their own glamorous photo shoot. These studios are known for being popular with female travelers, but in the city of Gaoxiong there is a certain photo studio that specializes in glamming up men to look like women.

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Taiwanese food is popular―in China

“Buying some Taiwanese fried chicken and eat on my way home is like my daily schedule,” said Lu, a senior high school student in Dan-dong city of China. Wearing hoodies, Lu and her classmates came to a small Taiwanese market in front of the train station. It seems like they can’t live a day without eating Taiwanese fried chicken. For girls have similar ages or backgrounds, not only Taiwanese food, but also Taiwanese fashion is the most popular.

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