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All-You-Can-Eat Chicken Kara-age Deal a Steal at 800 Yen

Everybody loves chicken kara-age, all-star of Japanese cuisine. The crispy, succulent Japanese fried chicken admirably fulfills its role as side dish, beer munchie, and midnight snack. Hardly anybody would turn down another bite or two.

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The Lotteria Tower Cheeseburger Returns, We Stack 30 Patties Because We Can

On June 24th Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria put the legendary Tower Cheeseburger back on the menu as a limited time promotion. Read More

Ah, good morning, friend.

I gather you were able to rest well? I was concerned I had kept you up too long with last night’s tale of the Five-Tower Pagoda of Hamburger. Let’s see then…I’ve already told you of my voyage across the golden lake of curry, yes? In that case, let us pass this fine morning with the story of one of my more recent encounters, the largest gyōza in Nippon. Read More

Every even-numbered year the World Pastry Team Championship is held for teams of pâtissiers from around the world to compete at their art. Over the two days in which the event is held the teams have a total of 13 hours to complete a number of desserts as well as two showpieces, one made of chocolate and one of candy, that represent that year’s theme.

Last year, the Japanese team took the championship for the first time. Now, almost a year later, Japanese media has picked up the story once again to introduce a new piece of information that has sparked international debate: it is thought that during the competition, the Korean team internationally left the Japanese team’s refrigerator door open to ruin their pastries. Read More

Most Japanese children have likely been scolded at least once for reading bringing manga to the dinner table. However, we’ve found a creatively designed set of plates that make comic books an integral part of any meal. Read More

During a recent stop at the Fujigawa Service Area in Shizuoka I came across a peculiar vending machine. Written conspicuously on the sign above it were the words: “World first! Coffee grinding viewing! Grinds beans for each cup!”

That’s right: this vending machine grinds beans and makes your drink for you on the spot!

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It’s Saturday in Bangkok and you’ve just enjoyed a jumping shrimp salad lunch and stopped by the Jatajuk Weekend Market to buy accessories from the local international celebrity. Now, with that hot sun beating down, your throat has dried up and you’re just not sure what to do next for entertainment.

To you I give this counsel: seek thee the spinning milk tea artisans of Tae Ta Re.
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Some older Japanese women wear their school uniforms well after they’ve graduated high school in an attempt to make themselves look younger. After all, nothing screams youthful innocence in Japan like a sailor outfit. Eventually, however, everyone reaches an age where “youthful innocence” is better read as “pitiful desperation.”

But if you adults out there are still looking for an excuse to strut about in your old high school uniform, we have news for you: Ramen Shop Takanashi in Yokohama offers free ramen to customers over 30 who enter the shop wearing a schoolgirl outfit. Yes, even men. Read More

Restaurant employees of the future may be modeled after warriors of the past. At least, that’s the impression we were left with after visiting Hajime, a restaurant staffed by dancing robot samurai waiters. Read More

Daifuku are a Japanese confection where small, soft mochi rice cake is stuffed with a sweet filling, usually a sweetened red bean paste called anko. While there are many well-known variations of daifuku, such as the strawberry-filled ichigo daifuku, I recently came across an unfamiliar variation during a business trip to Fukuoka: small tomato daifuku. Read More

Normally, when one has a craving for crêpe they head to their local crêperie to have one made fresh, or drop by the convenience store to pick one up on the go. If you’re a bird of prey, you may even resort to criminal methods.

Now, thanks to that good old Japanese let’s-put-anything-in-a-vending-machine ingenuity, you can feed your appetite for French pastries with just the push of a button. Read More

Modern Toilet Restaurant: From Bowel To Your Bowl

Taipei, Taiwan—a city known for cuisine that overturns common sense and challenges convention.

There is no better representation of this than the popular chain restaurant Modern Toilet. A novel concept that couldn’t be described any better than its name, Modern Toilet offers a variety of poo-themed delights served in toilet-shaped dishes to emulate that exhilarating feeling of eating feces straight from the bowl. Read More

Yakiniku Hitori: Barbeque For One

Yakiniku, sometimes referred to as ‘Japanese barbecue,’ is a style of cooking bite-sized pieces of meat and vegetables on a small grill. Yakiniku is usually a social eating experience, and most restaurants cater to groups of two or more customers. Consequently, many Japanese people find it too embarrassing to enter a yakiniku restaurant alone.

However, yakiniku restaurant Hitori, located in Ueno, Tokyo, aims to give the hungry masses a place to escape the judgmental eyes of society and grill their meat in solitude as they see fit. Read More

Tabasco sauce is perhaps the greatest culinary invention to come out of the United States. Even here in Japan Tabasco is used to spice up foods like donburi, curry, pizza and—of course—instant ramen.

However, we recently discovered a Japanese spin-off of the beloved pepper sauce that seems eager to assert itself as a product of Japan. Read More

Ramen is perhaps the most beloved food in Japan, and certainly the most experimented on. From ice cream to frog it seems like Japanese are always enthusiastically throwing things in their ramen in the pursuit of new and exciting flavors.

There is a food stand in Yoyogi Park that has taken a different approach to ramen innovation and changed the form of ramen itself. Moreover, they chose a method of delivery that challenges instant ramen’s title of most convenient noodle dish: the hamburger. Read More

Rilakkuma Pancakes Too Cute To Burn, I Do So Anyways

Last week I introduced you to the relaxation-loving Japanese character Rilakkuma and my rice-filled tofu pouch interpretation of his face. This time, I decided to try and see what else I could mold into that cute little face and pancakes seemed like a natural choice. Read More

Rilakkuma is a bear who likes to relax. He is also currently one of the most popular ‘cute’ characters in Japan and can be found lounging on anything from stationary to condoms. 

Indeed, Rilakkuma is so darn cute you just want to fill a dozen of his absentminded little faces with rice and devour them, and I’d like to show you how you can do just that. Read More

Oh, it’s you again, friend.

Let me tell you, you’re not the first to return here after hearing my tale of the Great Mountain of Curry and Rice. Come now, you must be tired from your long journey. Please, have a seat.

Well then, I think today I shall tell you of the time I stood beneath the shadow of the Five-Storied Pagoda of Hamburger.

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Japan’s Most Historical…Starbucks?

Starbucks Coffee is known worldwide for having stylish stores with a comfortable atmosphere. But in Kobe there is one store that is secretly rumored to perhaps be the most stylish of all. Being the Starbucks regular that I am, I made my way to Kobe to check it out. Read More

Lost in Translation: a different kind of relief

One day, while walking around in downtown Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, with an empty stomach, I found a tiny hamburger stand. Considering that I flew all the way to Malaysia specifically to experience the exotic, I decided that eating a hamburger would be boring. However, as I was passing the stand my eyes locked onto a word on the menu board. Read More

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