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Café Latino sits in the quiet residential area of Asakusa, and seems to be your average urban curry restaurant with cozy, modern decor. Certainly, one wouldn’t expect to find something like ‘Strawberry Curry’ on the menu.

Part of Café Latino’s spring-only menu, Strawberry Curry is available from late December to mid-March and requires a reservation for customers who wish to order it. We put in ours, and made our way to the restaurant to see how this unlikely combination holds up.

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The neighborhood of Ximending is located in the Northeastern part of Taipei, and is the Taiwanese hub of fashion and Japanese culture. Often referred to as the “the Harajuku of Taipei,” many fascinating sights can be seen just by walking up and down the streets, looking around at the numerous shops, and observing the customers that fill them.

Your reporters in Taipei recently stumbled across a food vendor that sells a corn dog-like concoction made by baking a sausage, coated in hotcake batter, in a special iron grill shaped like a penis.

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Following the Texas Burger 2, the next in McDonald’s Big America 2 series was the Idaho Burger, offered from January 28th to February 11th. With the Idaho Burger, McDonald’s Japan aimed to create a flavor that represents the “meeting of beef hamburger and the blessings of American soil.”

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Ramen is an extremely versatile food, and you’d be hard pressed to find a flavor and topping combination that doesn’t please the tongue. Many people enjoy putting this all-purpose dish to the test, adding increasingly more unconventional ingredients to see how the taste holds up. One such novel ramen dish has recently caught our attention: ice-cream cone ramen.
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Wanna Try Frog Ramen?

Have you ever eaten frog meat? Frog is a common ingredient in the cuisines of some of the world’s cultures, but would you think of frog meat as a topping for Japanese food such as ramen?

A ramen restaurant in Nagoya does exactly that. The owner loves the taste of frogs so much that he started using fresh frog meat for his main ramen dish. He even changed the same of his restaurant to “Kaeru”, the Japanese word for frog.

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Ah, the peaceful city of Kamakura. Only an hour train ride south of Tokyo, its abundant temples, shrines and other historical landmarks make it a fantastic getaway from the turbulent life of the nearby metropolis.

Near Kamakura Station sits the small crêpe shop Kokuriko, which holds a reputation among the locals for serving the most delicious crêpes in the area. It’s known in particular for its characteristic thin and crispy crêpes; though rather flat without any extra fillings, the combination of savory batter and a medley of rich sauces compensate volume with zest.

Naturally, Kokuriko is popular with many tourists who often eat their crêpes as they stroll toward their next sightseeing destination. Let’s say you order a Whipped Cream and Banana Crêpe (450 yen) and decide to make your way to see the Great Buddha.

And then, tragedy.

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Night of the Living Shrimp Salad: Live Seafood Dish “Yam Goong Dthen” Popular with the Ladies in Thailand

Over the past ten years or so, sushi has become one of the most popular dishes in the world and has mainstreamed the consumption of raw fish in countries that previously wouldn’t think of sticking a fork in a salmon without grilling it first. While some people may still feel apprehensive when trying sushi for the first time, it usually only takes one bite of faith and you’re hooked.

On a trip to Thailand, however, one of our reporters found a seafood dish so raw that even the most sushi-loving Japanese might think twice before sticking it between their chopsticks.
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Last year McDonald’s Japan released its wildly popular Big America promotion, which, as the name suggests, was a series of quarter-pound hamburgers based on the Japanese image of the United States. Since it was probably inconvenient to use a hamburger as a topping for hamburgers, McDonald’s Japan instead devised four unique burgers themed on several American locations and their ‘representative’ cuisines: the Texas Burger, New York Burger, California Burger and Hawaiian Burger.

Oh yes.

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The onigiri is the centerpiece of the Japanese lunch. For those not in the know, onigiri are balls of white rice usually wrapped with nori, a specific species of seaweed. Of course, the most iconic form is the rounded, three-corned variation with a single strip of nori wrapped around the bottom; however, given its simple construction, the variety of shapes, sizes and tastes of onigiri are nigh endless. Recently, one enterprising user of Japan’s largest Internet message board, 2channel—often shortened 2ch—has used his ingenuity to compact this traditional finger-food into an even more portable form. Read More

Man Challenges Japan’s Largest Mountain of Curry and Rice, Lives to Tell the Tale

Allow me to tell you of the time I went to the restaurant that serves the biggest plate of curry in all of Nippon. It was three years ago…or was it four? No matter. For that mountain of white rice, towering like a snow-capped Everest over a lake of golden curry, is engraved clearly into my mind’s eye.

Surely there is no larger curry to be found in Japan. And if there exists no larger curry in Japan, then I can only assume that no larger curry exists in the world of man.

But I digress.

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Interested in trying a gourmet pasta made with cat food?

Recently my apartment has started becoming a shelter for stray neighborhood cats. Since then the relationship between them and I has grown ever closer. They now allow me to play with them if I bring out a little catnip. However if I try to pet them, they will still run away.


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Although there are many poor people in North Korea, very small number of people live so far from starvation there. Peculation of rescuesupplies by the army, as they say, happens so frequently. You would be amazed when you come to know what Kim Jong-il eats every day … and would be at a loss for words to see how the dictator lives in that poorest country.

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Ramen, one of the representive Japanese food, is completely different from Chinese noodle. Chinese people seem to enjoy Ramen as Japanese food, though it’s based on traditional chinese food. We Japanese so happy to live in Japan, where we can taste this Ramen everywhere…anyway, there are great number of Japanese Ramen shop in foreign countries these days.

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Taiwanese food is popular―in China

“Buying some Taiwanese fried chicken and eat on my way home is like my daily schedule,” said Lu, a senior high school student in Dan-dong city of China. Wearing hoodies, Lu and her classmates came to a small Taiwanese market in front of the train station. It seems like they can’t live a day without eating Taiwanese fried chicken. For girls have similar ages or backgrounds, not only Taiwanese food, but also Taiwanese fashion is the most popular.

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