Maybe it’s all the influence from the image of butchers in cartoons and movies, but when I think of wet markets and butchers, the first image that comes to mind is usually that of a middle-aged man with a fairly impressive stature wearing an apron and wielding a huge butcher’s knife.

Being a butcher is rather physically demanding, and as such, there are fewer females working as butchers than there are males, and certainly way fewer young pretty girls butchering meat for a living. So when somebody discovered a beautiful young lady butcher at a market in Taipei and uploaded a photo of her online, it caused a huge buzz and she became an Internet sensation overnight. The beautiful butcher certainly didn’t pick up the butchering as a hobby. In fact, she gave up going to college to become a butcher. Find out more after the break!

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Step aside, idol groups! China’s busty game babes are here to steal the limelight【Photos】

It’s nothing new to hear of game companies hiring lovely booth babes and beautiful models to promote their products but recently, Chinese online game, Jiu Ding Tian Xia (九鼎天下) , hosted by Baidu Games heated up the competition by gathering a sizable group of 15 busty girls to form the “heavenly babe group”, F90.

How heavenly do they get? Check out their pictures and profiles after the jump!

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Beautiful gym babe impresses Chinese netizens with her incredible fitness!【Pics & GIFs】

Skinny is out, fit is in! Gone are the days of envying models for their stick thin figures, girls these days are seeking to look slender and beautiful in a healthy way.

Last month, a marathon-running beauty was making waves on China’s forums and social websites. This month, however, it’s a super-fit gym babe who is catching the attention of Chinese netizens! Regular workouts like jogging on the treadmill and doing crunches are nothing to her; this girl is working her muscles with a thorough fitness training that could even put male gym lovers to shame.

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China’s “Most Beautiful Marathon Girl” wows the internet with her stunning bod! 【Photos】

Widespread use of the internet and social networking sites these days makes gaining fame and reputation online fairly easy, especially if you’re young, hot and people want to see your photos. Sometimes, such internet fame comes when you least expect it, such as, when you’re running a marathon.

An athletic babe shot to fame when pictures of her taking part in a marathon went viral across Chinese websites, bringing her over 10,000 new followers on Weibo (China’s homegrown version of Twitter) overnight!

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This hot babe can make her boobies dance! 【Video】

The thing that’s been in the spotlight on Taiwanese internet this week is a fairly simple, 10-second video clip. There’s no out-of-this-world discovery, fancy special effects or social drama to this clip, so we won’t blame you if you’re wondering why we even bother sharing it, but… but… it’s a video of real, actual, dancing boobs!

You want to see it too, right? We won’t tell anyone you took a peek, so go ahead and enjoy the show!

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