Maybe it’s all the influence from the image of butchers in cartoons and movies, but when I think of wet markets and butchers, the first image that comes to mind is usually that of a middle-aged man with a fairly impressive stature wearing an apron and wielding a huge butcher’s knife.

Being a butcher is rather physically demanding, and as such, there are fewer females working as butchers than there are males, and certainly way fewer young pretty girls butchering meat for a living. So when somebody discovered a beautiful young lady butcher at a market in Taipei and uploaded a photo of her online, it caused a huge buzz and she became an Internet sensation overnight. The beautiful butcher certainly didn’t pick up the butchering as a hobby. In fact, she gave up going to college to become a butcher. Find out more after the break!

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This hot babe can make her boobies dance! 【Video】

The thing that’s been in the spotlight on Taiwanese internet this week is a fairly simple, 10-second video clip. There’s no out-of-this-world discovery, fancy special effects or social drama to this clip, so we won’t blame you if you’re wondering why we even bother sharing it, but… but… it’s a video of real, actual, dancing boobs!

You want to see it too, right? We won’t tell anyone you took a peek, so go ahead and enjoy the show!

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