Daifuku are a traditional Japanese confection composed of a soft mochi rice cake stuffed with a sweetened red bean paste called anko, and is one of the most popular sweets in Japan.

While nothing beats freshly made daifuku from one of those small mom-and-pop shops, you can still get some pretty tasty packaged specimens from convenience stores or supermarkets.

For example, we recently heard that one such brand of daifuku offered at 7-Eleven convenience stores are the same softness as a woman’s breast.

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Good news to all you flat-chested ladies out there: recent research suggests that Japanese men may prefer an A-cup to any other bust size.

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Phantasy Star Online 2, the long-awaited sequel (true sequel, not that Universe crap) to Sega’s console MMO Phantasy Star Online went into open beta late last month.

One of the main goals of beta testing is to fish out bugs before the official public release—in PSO2’s case, bugs like female character’s hyperactive bouncing breasts.

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Perhaps the most glorious tag ever to trend is currently like fire spreading through the Japanese Twitterverse: #FemaleCleavageExposureFestival.

The best part? There’s no shortage of willing participants.

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For as long as anyone can remember, women’s breasts have been a subject of great interest and discussion to both men and women alike. For women, size and function can be issues for weaning babies or conducting exercise. Many men seem to be connoisseurs to varying degrees of size. Read More