Cat smartphone stand hopes to become newest Internet meme in Japan

Just when we thought the clever smartphone stand market was tapped out, here comes this little cat stand. Created by Kitan Club, a Japanese capsule toy company, the stand features a cat that looks as if he’s trying to hold back an attacker, with a gaping mouth that seems to scream, “You shall not pass!” (or the cat language equivalent). The stand also features a suction cup to help hold up the smartphone.

But you don’t have to limit this little guy to smartphones, he can help hold back a variety of intruders as demonstrated by Kitan Club.

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Maru turns six, Celebrates with an adorable video montage!

Maru, the world’s most loved cat, just turned six! In celebration of his birthday, Maru’s owner made a video compilation of  his antics during 2012. The video already has over one million views in three days.

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How to Bathe Your Cat in Three Easy Steps 【Photo Gallery】

Most cats hate water, right? That’s why they go through the trouble of licking themselves and coughing up disgusting clumps of their own fur, all in an attempt to avoid ever having to be cleaned. Despite this fact, many people insist on bathing their hydrophobic felines. If you are one of these people, here’s a handy three step guide to bathing your cat (awesome/pitiful pictures included).

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Which is More Loved in Japan: Cats or Dogs?

It’s the eternal struggle of pet preferences. There’s no question that the top two choices for pets are cats and dogs and the human race is ultimately divided between so-called “cat-people” and “dog-people.” Since there can only be one animal to take the number one spot as “favorite pet,” large scale surveying website Research Planet asked nearly 30,000 Japanese people straight up, “Which do you like better, dogs or cats?”

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It’s Hump Day! Take a Tip from Our Furry Friend Maru and Relax

Japanese Internet celebrity Maru has been on the scene for a few years now, shooting to stardom when his owner, YouTube user Mugumogu, uploaded a series of videos of the cat launching himself into boxes and paper bags seemingly far too small to accommodate him. These days, he’s taking life a little easier, but I think we could all learn a thing or two from Maru: the undisputed king of sunshine naps.

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Too Cute to Eat? A Berry Special Treat for Cat Lovers and Hello Kitty Fans!

It’s strawberry season in Japan! Bright red ruby-like berries are now on display at supermarkets everywhere, and many restaurants and pastry shops are promoting strawberry cakes and confectionaries. And it all looks positively mouth-watering. But a certain berry that has recently been the topic of attention among Japanese Twitter users may be almost too cute to eat! Read More

These Comfy “Cat Capes” Are the Purr-fect Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea

With Christmas closing in, many people struggle to check off those last few names on their shopping list.  It’s always those people who seem to have everything.

Luckily, Japanese decorative goods maker kraso has released a great new item we guarantee that difficult-to-buy-for person doesn’t have!

Consider this scenario, familiar to all of us: You’re reading a book of sheet music without any instrument around. You’re sitting on the floor beside a glass of milk while your book of Chopin’s Prelude is propped up on a box atop a chair.

What’s missing from this everyday scene?

That’s right. A cape in the shape of a furry cat hanging off your back.

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Genius Feline Inventor Creates Heat Generating Device!

Mrs. Fluffy-Paws III (above) shocked the engineering world recently with her development of a new form of heat generating energy.  The device known as Sibli-Chair is a seat-like contraption that creates heat without the use of expensive electricity or dangerous fuels like gasoline.

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Expert Mode Claw Game Found in Russia

You know those claw or crane games that are usually found in the corner of a bowling alley or Chuckie Cheese’s? In Japan, they’re widely known as UFO catchers and are a huge industry. In most places you can find entire rooms packed with them offering prizes ranging from key chains to iPads.

A video put up on YouTube revealed the ultimate claw game found in Russia.  In this game, the prizes fight back.

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Cat Contemplates Life While Watching Sunset


In the days following Nono-Chan the cat’s 8th birthday, he began to take stock of his life.  He wondered if chasing strings and sleep was all there was. “Have I reached my fullest potential as a cat,” he pondered.

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Possum Cat Plays Dead(?) in the Heat [Video]


Summer can be tough. Some days are so hot that it’s difficult to do much more than idly lie there as the heat drains you of your energy. And just imagine how bad it is if you’re covered in fur.

At first glance this kitty is just sprawled out on a sofa, but as the camera moves around (up and down, circling around, even going right up to the cat’s face), you’ll notice that it doesn’t even move its eyes.

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