Fog Delay Causes Chinese Airport to Gradually Slip into Anarchy

Any frequent traveler has no doubt had their share of flight delays, be it due to mechanical errors or weather conditions.  It certainly sucks, but it’s not the end of the world.

However, an extremely long delay coupled with poor communication between China’s Kunming Changshui International Airport staff and their customers put thousands of angry passengers on the brink of full-scale rioting.

According to reports from Chinese media, the civil order steadily began to deteriorate as if the airport bar was manned by that ghost from The Shining serving up glasses of madness to all his customers.

It all began on January 3…

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Welcome to Postal Hell: Photos Reveal the Organised Chaos that is one Chinese Shipping Company

As the Christmas season steadily approaches, we have to spare a thought for those working in our respective postal services. With Christmas cards and care packs sent to those in other parts of the country or across the globe, as well as online shopping more popular than ever, the humble mail man has probably never felt the strain quite as much.

Those in my native UK hoping for their parcels to reach their destination before Christmas day have been warned to get them in the mail by the end of this week at the latest, and the US postal service alone is bracing for its busiest Christmas ever, with an anticipated rise of almost 20% more postal traffic than last year. Those working in sorting offices, loading and unloading trucks and, of course, the people delivering cards and gifts to our doors are most likely dreading the next few weeks.

Be thankful, though, that few of us rely on Chinese postal services this Christmas when hoping for our parcels to arrive both on time and in one piece; along with a video showing a postal worker tossing parcel after parcel from a truck onto a concrete floor before kicking a few out of his way, photographs showing enormous mountains of boxes and packages reveal the utter chaos that is at least one Chinese shipping company.

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