At any anime, comic or game convention cosplayers tend to attract a lot of attention. As such, there are a number of rules, informal and formal, that both cosplayers and their viewers should follow to make sure no one gets offended.

Many of them are just common courtesy. If you’re an observer, don’t take a cosplayer’s photo without their permission. If you’re a cosplayer, don’t show excessive amount of skin.

However, there’s one cosplay regulation seen frequently at Japanese conventions that some would argue doesn’t make very much sense: no cross-dressing.

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Cross-dressing Cosplay Idol Group a Huge Hit in China

In Asia, female idol groups are a dime a dozen. These days it seems like anyone with a pretty face can throw on a skirt, get up on stage and call themselves the next Kara Generation 48.

That’s why we’re always happy when unique acts like Chinese idol unit Alice Weiniang Group are able to make it into the spotlight. You see, in addition to having style and looks, the members of Alice Weiniang Group have something no other Asian idol girl group does: a penis.

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