Angry Manchester United fans’ “Moyes Out” song lands in Japan, surprises football fans

Although more hardcore Japanophiles might prefer to think that people in Japan watch sumo every other day and practice kendo or karate on the weekends, without a shadow of a doubt Japan’s most popular spectator sports are football and baseball. With the former becoming increasingly popular since the ’90s, football (or “sakkaa“) fans are as numerous as they are vocal, and yet with football considered a much more family oriented spectator sport in Japan than in some Western countries, entire families with small kids or groups of pretty twenty-something girls are just as common sights at matches as grown men with painted faces holding cups of beer.

This week, fans of the sport have taken to online message boards to express their surprise and amusement at the level of vitriol and anger behind a parody video that appeared on YouTube in December last year calling for David Moyes, the current manager of England’s Manchester United, to resign.

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