Telling Cell Phone Wallpaper: What NOT to use!

Are you curious about people’s wallpaper?  Have you ever found a colleague or acquaintance looking over your shoulder at your wallpaper?  Are you dying to know the wallpaper of the person sitting next to you at work?  Well don’t worry, other people’s wallpaper is a natural curiosity, and according to Irorio, a popular Japanese news blog,  the wallpaper you choose is very telling of what kind of person you are!

With that in mind, a survey was conducted  of  362 males and 506 females to find out the major turn offs for men and women concerning wallpaper choices.

The results are ranked according to gender, in order of distastefulness along with the percentage of men and women who picked them.  The wallpapers most likely to lose you the respect of your friends and colleagues are ranked as follows: Read More