Impressive Textbook Doodles From Asia 【Photo Gallery】

Drawing in textbooks, although frowned upon, is prevalent throughout the world. It’s like a universal language that serves to perk up bored students in the middle of class. We’ve all seen the classic devil horns or stink lines drawn on pictures of famous figures, but the students who drew the following pictures have elevated textbook vandalism to an art. Take a look at the clever and hilarious doodles found in textbooks throughout Asia.

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French Manga Artist Creates Whimsical Characters That Interact With Everyday Life

Hand-drawn manga are thrown into our world and interact with everyday objects thanks to the creative work of Lowra, a manga artist from France. Miniature versions of familiar characters from Naruto climb trees and carry chocolates while Lowra’s own original characters swim in popcorn and paint their nails. She even drew characters from Zelda and Super Smash Brothers. See her amazing art after the break!

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Ultra-Realistic Drawings Look So Uncannily Lifelike They Jump off the Page

If you liked our guide to making simple 3D sketches or stories about dimension defying stationery and a surreal body artist then you’ll love these pictures!

Ramon Bruin (31) is a Dutch artist who has taken simple pencil drawing and magically brought them to new life in the third dimension.  His quest for more realism led his to start learning the airbrush 10 years ago as it “is a great technique for making paintings with depth and realism.”

Applying the lessons he learnt, he put down the airbrush for a standard pencil and paper since 2010 to try and make the same effect.

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