How to Butcher a Wild Boar in Your Kitchen- Chiharu’s Firsthand Experience Reveals All!

Few meat eaters have ever had to butcher their own meat, and we’d wager that most, given the choice of “slaughter and prepare your own or go vegetarian”, would choose to lead a herbivorous life over getting busy with a cleaver. But not Japanese blogger Chiharu-san!

In her blog, “Chiharu no Mori”, writer Chiharu details her experiences living a life of self-sufficiency and, in this particular episode, butchering and preparing a wild boar. It’s a fascinating look at a process that few of us have experienced nor would ever care to partake in, and we have to commend Chiharu for being brave enough to actually get her hands dirty like this. Be warned, though, the following images are not for the squeamish.

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