Monday Pick-Me-Up: Cute, Headphone-Wearing Girls Dancing Around Japan!

Arrrrgh, it’s Monday again! I thought we’d all agreed to stop this madness ages ago!?

The weekend’s over, another long week lies ahead and we all trundle back to work knowing that the next weekend could not be any further away…

We need something to pick us up! Something to fill us with genki spirit and give us that energy boost we need to face the day!

We need… videos of cute girls dancing while wearing headphones!!!

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The 52nd Miss International Beauty Contest was held last Sunday in Naha city, Okinawa, with Japan taking the top prize for the first time since the contest began in 1960.

The contest, which is said to be judged on “friendship, beauty and intelligence”, sees women from around the globe aged 19-29 compete against each-other to “promote worldwide peace, goodwill and understanding.”

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【Chauvinism Friday】 New Akihabara Kitchen Offers Customers the Chance to Learn to Cook! With Girls!!

Akihabara; world-famous home to everything otaku! Cosplay, electronics, comic-books, videogames, maid cafés, pop idol pubs, trading card stores; Akihabara- or Akiba to the locals- is where it’s at.

For years, swarms of young men with poor social skills (and cool folks like you and me, too…) have been heading into Akihabara to buy figure models of girls in bikinis with disproportionately large breasts, locate hardware for their new gaming PC, or spend an hour in the company of cute girls dressed as maids who giggle as they put “love spells” on guests’ food before sending them home more frustrated than ever.

As reported by Hamster Sokuhou earlier today, a fun new establishment has recently thrown its doors open to Akihabara’s masses, inviting them to come and cook with their cast of female chefs, each ready to guide the hands of young men who, until now, were perhaps too shy to touch a woman’s measuring jugs for real.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Prepare yourselves for the next level in awkward interaction with females in exchange for cash!

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【TGS 2012】“The Many Ears of Tokyo Game Show” or “Now Everyone Thinks I have an Ear Fetish”

Within the first 30 minutes of wandering around Makuhari Messe, the enormous event hall that hosts the Tokyo Game Show and many others, one thing became clear: there are a lot of models wearing fluffy fake ears this year.

Cat, pixie, rabbit, devil- you name it, they’re on a scantily-clad woman’s head. Anime and manga fans will no doubt shrug this off as perfectly normal for an event of this kind, but of all my Tokyo Game Show visits, this year is by far the most ear-filled… (lots more pics after the jump) Read More

Too Cute For Jail? Super Hot Mugshots

You think mugshot, you probably think of some haggard, seedy character looking back at you. It just goes to show, even cute girls end up in jail sometimes. Below are an assortment pretty faces and some not-so-tasteful comments from the peanut gallery in Japan.

And just because we know you’re wondering, apparently none of them were arrested for prostitution. Those gems are saved for the end.

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