Goki Crane will help you get rid of dead bodies quickly and easily

It’s summer and the cockroach index is at its peak in many parts of Japan. During this time of the year most people have to do battle with our greatest foe, known as the gokiburi in Japanese. We all have our weapons of choice like spray, shoe, or phonebook.

However, even after we’ve slain the beast there’s still the issue of removing the body. Generally with bugs you’d just pick it up with some tissue and chuck it in the toilet, but cockroaches are supposed to be able to survive a nuclear holocaust. How can we be sure it’s really dead from just a little spritz of poison?

Thankfully we now have Goki Crane, a new way to pick up and dispose of unsightly and possibly reanimating cockroach carcasses without getting your hands dirty or your nerves rattled.

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