9 Things That Make an ‘Ikemen’: What Turns On Young Japanese Women These Days

Looking at the picture above, you’d think good-looking Japanese guys were a dime a dozen.  Maybe so, at least in popular Japanese or Korean TV dramas featuring “ikemen,” or hot guys.

But what makes an ikemen? The ones that Japanese girls drool over have a specific look, and obviously, every man can’t fit ‘the type’. But just giving the impression of being ikemen is ever so important for young Japanese women these days, and you may be surprised that it’s possible to fit the image regardless of looks!

Below are nine ikemen characteristics that Japanese women find attractive. They could be considered as tips, and if you are willing to comply with them, they might bring your closer to reaching ikemen zen. And even if you’re not looking to be the next Shun Oguri, it’s at least interesting to know what turns on young Japanese women these days.

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