Russian dolls: Artist creates beautiful anime-inspired portraits

As Japanese and Chinese netizens’ fervour for Prosecutor General of Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya shows no signs of abating and has inspired anime fan art that has overtaken her online presence, we bring you a selection of other beautiful digital artworks from the creator of one of the stunning anime-inspired depictions of Ms. Poklonskaya that’s been gaining so much attention.

The illustrations are the work of a mystery Russian artist, whose name is rendered in Japanese as Iira. A long-term anime fan, Iira creates new digital images every day. While Iira has yet to reach the dizzying levels of internet fandom that Natalia Poklonskaya has attained, these pics are certainly worthy of your online attention!

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Determined Japanese artist recreates Attack on Titan opening sequence–using only pencils!

There is no doubting the popularity of Attack on Titan. Live-action movies and a video games aside, one of the best way to judge a property’s popularity is by the number and variety of fan-made projects. And in that category, we’d say that AoT is absolutely killing it! We’ve already seen two different short films created by inspired fans–one from Germany and another from Taiwan combining Attack on Titan and A Certain Scientific Railgun–as well as numerous craft projects like these “real” swords.

But this new fan-made, pencil-drawn reimagining of the Attack on Titan opening might be one of the best things we’ve ever seen! Even if you’ve never seen the show before, you won’t want to miss this incredible video–it’s equal parts beautiful and amazing.

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Ten-year-old illustrator getting national attention for his unique style of portraits

Up-and-coming artist Mondo draws with a somewhat skewed sense of proportion very much like any other 10-year-old boy. However, from beneath the superficiality of his sometimes jarring contours, the unmistakable sense of his subject can be felt.

The impact his images create has been earning him a lot of respect around his hometown of Fukuoka and recently a growing fan-base around Japan. In addition to his public appearances where he draws visitors’ portraits, he has a blog on which he posts a daily illustration displaying his ever-growing talents. Check out his work after the jump.

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Crimean attorney general gets Wikipedia page overflowing with fan art

In a world with 24-hours news networks and a camera on every phone, finding fame isn’t particularly difficult. In fact, we’re all just one slip on a patch ice uploaded to YouTube away from being the next flash-in-the-pan Internet sensation. But that fame is truly fleeting–does anyone even remember “Chocolate Rain” anymore?

So if you really want to “make it” in today’s world of instant Internet glory, you’ll need to do better than getting tweeted or YouTubed–you’ll need to land on Wikipedia, the world’s greatest resource for free, possibly accurate information for high school research papers. And who is Wikipedia’s newest addition to achieve eternal glory and fame? None other than Natalia Poklonskaya, the new attorney general of Crimea we’ve talked about a few times before.

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Sesame Street Fighter, the most badass children’s TV show ever (if only there were a show for it)

I grew up watching the characters on Sesame Street count numbers, spell words, and sing songs about goldfish and birds. Even after I had outgrown the long-running children’s series, I had to sit through it again while babysitting my little cousins. And my guess is that many of you out there went through a similar experience since the show has been on TV since 1969 and is broadcast in over 140 countries worldwide.

How many of you then subsequently got hooked on to the arcade game Street Fighter II in your school days? I definitely did, and this guy called gavacho13 on Deviantart probably did too, as he has been creating some awesome illustrations of the Sesame Street Fighters!

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Revolutionary illustration combines 2D and 3D techniques for super realistic butts!

Last year, we introduced an illustration guide book that teaches you how to draw men’s butts. They’re like green peppers, remember? Well, scrap that. If you can’t draw butts, here’s a nifty trick that’ll give your manga darlings a sexy tush that looks so real, it’s literally 3D art. All you need is your fingers! Details after the cut!

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New Year’s greetings from 39 Japanese illustrators!

The New Year’s break has sadly ended for most people in Japan by now, but the traditional season itself doesn’t fade away as soon. After receiving nengajo (New Year’s postcards) from clients and vendors, many office workers’ first task when they get back to work after the holiday is to contact the senders to thank them for their kind greetings.

We’ve already seen the best civilian nengajo efforts of 2013, but here are some of the coolest New Year’s greetings from Japan’s most talented manga artists and illustrators!

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If the Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese was not enough to convince you that the fujoshi (girls who are fans of homoerotic fiction) community is an undeniable market, this illustration guide book that explains how to draw men’s hips should be convincing enough! Released on 7 December, it took merely three days to climb to the top of Amazon’s sale rankings in the illustration book category.

You might be thinking, “drawing men’s hips doesn’t mean it’s homoerotic”, but just wait till you see the illustrations inside…

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Ultra-realistic Kyary Pamyu Pamyu illustration looks more lifelike than Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Recently, self-taught artist Yuuki Tokuda posted an illustration her made of model-turned-pop-star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. It’s a wonderful piece by itself, but as an added bonus he outlines the steps it took to create this picture all on his Twitter account.

So you too can create your own Pamyu Pamyu by following his steps, all you need are a few supplies and a whole lot of dedication. To give you an idea of how much dedication, this illustration took over 50 hours to draw. If you still want to try, here’s how it was done.

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Akihabara Inspires a Rare Picture Jockey Performance

If you have an eye for detail, you might just recognize the place in the image above. It’s an awesome rendering of Tokyo’s Akihabara. And it’s from the skilled hand of a former quantum physics researcher turned picture jockey. 

John Hathway (pseudonym), the Japanese artist who created the picture, is known as a picture jockey (PJ) because he builds images the same way a disc jockey mixes tracks; by improvising with new patterns and arrangements and blending backgrounds to create totally unique and exciting works of art.

Now he’s teamed up with Tokyo Otaku Mode, a popular site for all things otaku, to celebrate their 10 million-plus likes on Facebook. They thanked fans in a unique way, with the release of this gorgeous image, and a rare picture jockey performance.

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