Swimsuit idols that you can date and marry

Pop idols exist in this strange space between reality and fantasy. While they are living, breathing individuals, they are set on a pedestal and rarely get to interact with people one on one. While groups like AKB48 may be tied to a certain location to serve as a symbol of pride for one area’s people, outside of meet and greet events, fans cannot really get to know them. Of course, the biggest taboo of all is for a pop idol and a fan to begin dating. But one brave group has decided to step forth from the binds of their image. Meet the members of the idol group Happening Girls. These four lovely ladies depicted here are unique in the idol community because they are allowed to foster relationships, date, and even marry their fans.

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Could you hold this for me? Chinese sports model shows off her unusual talent【Photos】

Sports News QQ recently challenged sexy sports model Gui Jingjing to show off her very unique talent. Gui wasted no time in proving that she has humor and a set of enviable assets as she posted pictures proving how much her ample chest could contain. The answer? A tablet. Check out the rest of her quirky and slightly sultry photos too!

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Fear Factor meets Next Top Model in China’s modeling competition extravaganza

Modeling is a tough business. You need the body, the face, and perhaps the most difficult thing to achieve: the walk. All the top models must combine these three components perfectly. In an industry that is so difficult to break into, a reality TV competition where the winners are whisked off to Italy for a potential professional modeling career could be just the chance an aspiring model is looking for! But these contestants will have to show off more than just their good looks to win this competition. What do these model wannabes have to do to prove their worth for this Chinese TV show? It might just bug some people.

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Wide-eyed gaijin model has Japanese fans gushing over her kawaii-ness【Photos】

Meet Taylor, the next big ‘gaijin in Japan’ model. We’d almost to be tempted to classify her as a recruit to the real life doll army, but she’s actually more on the cute than creepy side of the scale.

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New Face Grand Prix lets the public vote for the cutest freshman in Japan

With a new school year comes new students, new possibilities, and a new round of beauty competitions.

“Wait,” you’re asking, “Beauty competitions? Shouldn’t that be ‘roommates’ or ‘textbooks’ or ‘professors?'” And, yes, those are just a few of the new experiences that come with starting college, but thanks to New Face Grand Prix, new Japanese female college students can also “compete” to be the cutest freshman in Japan.

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The original cast of Street Fighter II beg for mercy in model form this summer

As we have come to learn over the years, Japan really loves its capsule toys and mobile phone accessories, and there’s always some cute new bit of plastic to attach to your person or use to brighten up your electronic devices. But for fans of the original Capcom fighter Street Fighter II (which is everyone, surely!?) we have some extra good news today.

A new series of models, showing the world warriors not in their typically magnificent fighting poses but on their knees and with their noses touching the ground, begging for forgiveness, is due to be released later this year.

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Japanese-speaking “Real Barbie” becomes serious model in Japan

While you might think that the world only needs one real Barbie, it turns out that–whether needed or not–there’s already another one! However, unlike the Russian/Ukrainian version, this “Real Barbie” is a Tokyo-based, Japanese-speaking model for Popteen magazine. And her rise to fame has only just begun!

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Photos of beautiful Chinese university student appear online, men go wild (also rain still wet)

Asia is certainly not short of good-looking women, and it seems like every other day that some new model or wannabe pop idol appears online and wins legions of fans. But this week a selection of 10 photos of one university student in Beijing are being pored over by men all over the country, who seemingly can’t get enough of her “bewitching purity and innocence“.

But what do you think?

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This suave chap is apparently a girl! Don’t believe us? We don’t believe our eyes either【Photos】

We’ve seen way too many beautiful guys who look like girls. Hell, some of them even look prettier than real girls. We know some of you are starting to get bored with looking at “traps” all the time, so here, the tables are turned this time! This handsome face belongs to a girl! It’s still some time before April Fool’s Day so you can be assured that we’re not kidding you!

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“Wait, you’re a dude? Meh, marry me anyway.” New male princess stealing hearts in China

We’re starting to think there might be something in the water over in China. Just a few days ago, we stumbled upon one of the most stunning actually-I’m-a-guy girls on the internet, and now a new model is stealing hearts all over the country. And yes, once again, this Asian princess is in fact a pretty prince in makeup.

Even so, it would seem that many Chinese netizens are now reaching the point where they’re starting to think, “To heck with it, he’s still gorgeous,” and would be proud to make this young man their wife.

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Beautiful Chinese boy “traps” the hearts of Korean netizens 【Photos】

Dear Internet, it’s getting increasingly difficult to believe in the things you show us day by day. These days, we can barely look at online images of cute girls without having to wonder, is she really a girl? We’ve been had by these “traps” one too many times. There’s even a saying trending amongst Korean netizens: “She’s so incredibly cute, she must be a guy“. Well, this effeminate young Chinese man just proved that saying right! More pictures after the jump!

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Housewife wins pageant for “bewitching” middle-aged beauties

Usually being called a witch is an insult, but a Japanese beauty magazine reclaimed the word a few years ago and declared a new category of woman: “Beautiful Witches.” To celebrate the women over 35 that possess an almost “magical beauty untouched by age,” the fourth annual National Beautiful Witch Contest was held last week, with a 39-year-old housewife from Aichi Prefecture taking home the top prize in a Halloween-themed pageant.

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Meet the new model set to make manga artists’ lives a whole lot easier

When it comes to replicating human poses and natural movement, artists often look to anatomical models. Traditional figures do have their limitations, though, with the lack of details making it difficult to recreate the lines of a raised shoulder or a clasped fist. But things are set to change, with a new figure on the market called the S.F.B.T-3, (Special Full-action Body Type v.3). Ten years in the making, this girl has 80 moveable parts in her body, allowing for an unprecedented number of poses and anatomical designs. We take a look at the doll’s amazing details and see how it performs in some popular anime poses for the illustrator’s eye.

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Mysterious meat-faced man shows up amongst Tokyo university beauty pageant entrants

We can’t quite put our finger on it, but there’s something a little bit different about one of this year’s Miss Geidai Contest entrants. No, not the blonde girl on the end or the one who looks a bit like Calista Flockhart; the one from Team D. It could be the hair, it could be the raw meat wrapped around her head, but something about this entrant really catches our eye…

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Chinese model’s “muscle” pics spurned by netizens, Chun-Li pics win them back

The internet in China was lit up recently by photos of a young model showing off her rather meaty upper-arms. Being titled “China’s Most Beautiful Man,” a large number of netizens are declaring Photoshop shenanigans afoot, but all agree that her photos dressed up as Street Fighter mainstay Chun-Li are “kind of hot”.

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Make your own gundam easily using a little glue, toothpicks, and disposable chopsticks!

Who hasn’t wanted their own mecha to get through rush hour, pick up dates, or smite one’s foes? While current technology is slowly getting closer to the real thing, we’re still a ways away from the mobile suits we’ve come to love.

Lucky, one talented artist has uploaded his “easy to make method” of making gundams to YouTube, which uses naught but ordinary household objects. They won’t fly you anywhere or shoot lasers but they do look pretty cool. Let’s check it out.

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Insect repellant advertisement wins award, men everywhere unanimously agree

On 16 July, Asahi Shimbun declared the winner of the 61st Asahi Advertising Award to be the ad seen above. Chosen from 1,200 entries this ad not only perfectly explains the product and how it’s used but also entices the viewer with its finely woven blankets and well painted walls.

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Photo of Japanese-style Lego latrine appears online, netizens curiously overjoyed

Although it makes us worry that perhaps some people have a little too much time on their hands, we have to admire this Lego creation, which depicts a classic Japanese-style toilet, complete with something left behind by an inconsiderate Lego person.

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Inside a hero – creative modeller takes a scalpel to Super Mario

Honestly, the only things we ever thought we’d find inside Super Mario were copious amounts of barely chewed mushrooms and maybe some ravioli. Upon cutting him open, though, this creative netizen felt that Mario’s insides were severely lacking, so decided to go to work filling him out with a pint-sized skeleton and some vital organs.

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