Skilled Japanese artist creates intricate cut-paper origami cranes

Kiri-e (切り絵) is the Japanese art of hand-cutting paper into intricate designs. Kirigami (切り紙), on the other hand, involves cutting and folding paper to create a 3-D image that pops right off the page. But one talented Japanese artist has combined these two traditional art forms, creating folded paper cranes that contain a seemingly impossible-to-achieve cut-out design. Let’s take a closer look at her stunning artwork!

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Japanese restaurant chain turns boring old chopstick sleeves into fun origami

Family restaurants like Saizeriya are a staple of Japan’s cheap culinary world. From fake Italian food to fake Mexican-Indian hybrids that taste far better than they really should, family restaurants are a great place to hangout for high school students, to grab a quick meal between meetings for harried salarymen, or to take hungry kids for frazzled parents. Though convenient, the chains aren’t exactly known for their high class presentation.

However, Aiya, a family restaurant focused on Japanese-style cooking, has come up with a way to offer their customers a bit more pizazz!

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Impress house guests with toilet paper origami!

Hotel and restaurant bathrooms have really done a number on us by introducing a new level of hospitality through toilet paper etiquette. When the next sheet of paper on the roll is folded into a neat triangular point, we’re made to feel that extra bit special, safe in the knowledge that the area has recently been attended to, as if the place was just done up in anticipation of our arrival.

One lady in the United States has taken the triangular toilet paper fold to a whole new level, incorporating traditional Japanese origami concepts to produce a book of cute, funny and surprisingly beautiful designs to dress up the toilet roll in your bathroom. From swans to candles, who knew toilet paper could be so adorable?

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Eight fun fall origami designs!

Fall is in full swing and that means we’re all able to enjoy what this chilly season has to offer. Red and golden leaves, chestnuts, apples…all the things that remind us of autumn! For those with a little patience and some artistic ability, you can even create origami versions of these seasonal favorites. Take a look at the following eight origami designs and learn how to make them yourself!

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The future of eco-friendly electronics? Samsung introduces new line of origami-inspired printers

Samsung is known the world over for its stylish, high-quality products, but we doubt that anyone could have predicted the latest creation from Korea’s premier electronics maker. Let us introduce you to a brand new range of eco-friendly printers that are all inspired by none other than the art of origami.

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Beautiful folded paper art by Vietnamese origami artist, Cuong Nguyen

“Origami. It’s the sushi of paper.”

Much like sushi, the art of folding paper has spread abroad and is now enjoyed by people all over the world. With so many different artists taking part in the same craft, the results can be breathtaking, just like these pieces by self-taught artist, Cuong Nguyen of Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Russian Origami Master Creates Beautiful Replicas of Famous Landmarks

“Origami. What? The crazy art of paper folding from, that’s right, Japan.”

Even Ryan from The Office can’t help but give a nod to Japan and their “crazy” art of origami.  Even the word itself is a loanword from Japanese that is now used all over the world to denote the act of folding and contorting paper into different shapes.

Given Japan’s strong ties to the art form, one would think that Japanese artist have a monopoly on origami creations.  However, Sergey Tarasov, a schoolteacher in a small village in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, has earned the nickname, “Origami Master.”

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Incredible (and almost impossible) paper craft – this rose doesn’t smell sweet but certainly is beautiful!

Do you enjoy the Japanese paper craft of origami? If you do, here’s a video that’s sure to fascinate you! The video shows an exquisite paper rose being made, and it’s been receiving a considerable amount of attention recently – and not just for the impressive skill demonstrated. It’s actually causing many internet viewers to cry out in frustration, and once you see the video, you’ll know the reason why. Read More

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