Photocopier Goes on Rampage Mode, Those of You Who Sit Near the Copier May Want to Change Seats

We had better warn those of you who sit near the photocopier at work of the perils of this machine. As you go about your daily business, you could be in danger of suffering a fate worse than sitting next to the guy who eats egg salad at his desk.   

You laugh.  A copier?  Come on, you gotta be kidding me.  That shredder looks pretty nasty, but the copier?  It’s got nothing on me!

Foolish human.  Smoke, fire, crumpled paper…you may think these are the worse things that your photocopier will try and assault you with.  But oh no my friend, you are mistaken.  When your copier goes on rampage mode, you’ll wish it produced an itty bitty puff of smoke and you’ll lament not having asked for a desk change months ago.

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