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Plastic surgery clinic in Seoul makes art out of patients’ jaw bones

You like sausage, right? Of course you do. But no one ever wants to see how the sausage is made. So why did this plastic surgery clinic in Seoul think it was a good idea to display two towering columns filled with the jaw bones of their past patients? It’s enough to make you rethink your pursuit of the perfect chin.

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Korean woman goes under the knife 120 times in pursuit of perfection

We’ve already covered South Korea’s attitudes about plastic surgery; basically, that it’s considered at worst a necessary evil for some folks to get ahead in life.

That cultural attitude has led the country to be widely considered the world cosmetic surgery capital, and has even led a handful, like this obsessed woman, to spend years of their lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars artificially perfecting their appearance.

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Chinese man loses his nose in an accident, has new one artificially grown on his forehead

For those who have lost a part of their body either through illness or after being involved in an accident, plastic surgery offers not only the hope of repairing any physical damage but also restoring self-confidence. One phenomenal case of life-altering plastic surgery currently receiving a lot of attention here in Asia is that of a surgeon in China who is growing a replacement nose on the forehead of a man who lost his during traffic accident.

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Korea’s elementary schools witness worrying trend of do-it-yourself face-lifts

It’s no secret that South Korea has an astounding affinity for plastic surgery. While it would be unfair to suggest that the entire population is keen to go under the knife, the percentage of Koreans calling in for a nip and a tuck is literally eye-widening and jaw dropping, in addition to nose elongating and chin altering.

Unfortunately, this attitude towards altered appearances has apparently caused a curious trend in elementary school students. In an effort to appear more like the celebrities they see on TV, grade school students in South Korea are practicing something they call “self-cosmetic surgery.”

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Limb-lengthening surgery becoming increasingly popular in Korea despite inherent dangers

Too fat; too tall; too hairy; too bald; can’t vend Snickers bars from our foreheads–we humans are seemingly never happy with our bodies. For many these hangups stem from a simple lack self-esteem, but over the years cosmetic surgery has grown to become a multi-million-dollar industry, with more than 15 million people choosing to have work done in 2011 alone.

We’ve shown you the horrors of plastic surgery on more than one occasion, but this latest story sends shivers down our spine. According to Japan’s Livedoor News, more young Koreans than ever are opting for costly and painful limb-lengthening surgery, despite the fact that five in six who underwent the procedure at one particular hospital met with complications, and some have lost the ability to walk entirely.

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“Smile Lipt” surgery promises to make you smile even if you don’t want to

Possibly taking a fashion cue from The Joker, women in South Korea are undergoing a bizarre plastic surgery procedure to enhance their smile. Dubbed “mouth corners lift” or “smile lipt” (a made-up word incorporating the words “lip” and “lift”), the surgery involves cutting the sides of the mouth to create the illusion of a smile.

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