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Real-life Barbie swears she’s all-natural, reveals childhood photos as proof【Photos】

To be honest, we’ve lost count of the number of real-life Barbies this website has seen, and the fact that we can barely tell them apart under all that makeup doesn’t make things any easier. Well, that probably goes to imply that they’ve done a great job at achieving their motives of looking like a mass-produced plastic doll.

Long hair, dainty pointy noses, big eyes, full lips, exaggerated body proportions and porcelain-like skin are a couple of things that these girls have in common, which often brings netizens to the conclusion that they’re “fake” or “plastic”. However, one of these living Barbies, Alina Kovalevskaya from Ukraine, has been claiming that she’s all-natural, and to prove that, she has posted childhood photos of herself online. Could she be the real deal? We’ve got the photos for your scrutiny after the break!

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Real-life Barbie now survives on light and air, might be turning into a real doll【Photos】

Does the name Valeria Lukyanova seem to ring a bell? If you’ve been hanging around enough, you might remember our previous posts about the Ukraine-based Russian model who is known as the “real-life Barbie“. We haven’t heard news of her for about a year or so, but she’s back in the spotlight again and this time, it’s not about her already well-known doll-like looks.

Word is, she’s now attempting to survive on only air and light. Holy cow, could she really be turning into a real Barbie doll?!

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Venus Angelic teaches us all how to truly doll up, with her make-up techniques

We have long followed the exploits of Real-life Barbie along with her friends and family. Many were shocked and awed by the convincingly artificial look she achieved while others wanted to look like her too. At least I think I remember some people wanting that… I swear there was that girl that one time with the earrings…

Anyway, for those who want to achieve the doll look themselves, we present an instructional from England’s Venus Angelic teaching us how to create doll-eyes. Although it looks time intensive, her techniques look easy enough for anyone with rudimentary make-up skills to be able to pull off.

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