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OK, we’ve all been there. Maybe it was the venti coffee this morning or maybe you’ve caught a bug, but one thing is certain: you need a bathroom right now or a change of pants is going to be in order. Most of us manage by hook or crook to find a toilet or at least a concealing clump of trees in this situation, but one guy decided that the middle of the road seemed like a nice place to drop a deuce and he wasn’t going to let anything – even an emergency vehicle – disturb him.

The video, which was posted on the Live Leak site, is taken from the dash camera of a Chinese fire truck. On encountering the man stubbornly squatting in the middle of the road, the fire fighters are seen first asking him to move, and when that fails, physically picking him up and dragging him to the edge of the road.

Even after he’s been moved aside, visibly leaving something behind in the road, the man just continues to squat with his bum hanging out as he watches the truck squeeze by him.

If any of our readers can tell us what the driver in this video is saying, let us know in the comments, though we imagine it is something along the lines of, “That is one determined defecator!”

Image and video: Live Leaks