Mr. Sato shares his genius method to have a pork bun on the Shinkansen and eat it too

SoraNews24’s Mr. Sato cracks the recent conundrum of one of the most pungent foods that plague Shinkansen passengers, but you’ll need his bravery and commitment to pull it off.
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Transparent coffee! We taste-test Asahi’s Clear Latte, marvel at Japanese drinks wizardry

SoraNews24 tries the latest offering to clear beverages: Asahi’s Clear Latte. Will it clear our senses with delight or leave us hollow?

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Supposedly simple math homework for Japanese elementary kid stumps gamer dad, with good reason

”If you spent four hours and 40 minutes playing video games, how much time did you waste?” has no easy answer.

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How do you split two apples for three people using one knife? Japanese Twitter’s violent ideas

Many think that violence is the answer, but there’s also a clever, bloodless solution.

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Anime sports star Captain Tsubasa tells world betting on horses is as much fun as playing soccer

Japan’s most popular symbol of the beautiful game continues with his newfound love of gambling.

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Japanese superhero Kamen Rider arrested for meth use

The tokusatsu franchise continues to find itself on the wrong side of the law with second arrest in as many months.

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Mos Burger fries up an unusual fusion with Tempura Rice Bowl Burgers

Ever wanted to combine the classic Japanese tempura rice bowl with a Western favorite, the burger? No? Too bad, because Mos Burger has done it for you.
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Adventures in Morocco: Our Japanese language reporter orders a hamburger, gets a surprise

There was meat, there was bread, and there were fries, but it still wasn’t quite as expected.

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Hornets: The perfect pet for people living in Japan?

One enthusiastic owner is singing their praises, while others are screaming in terror.

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Aquarium workers in Kochi resort to tweeting “Please come so we can get our salaries!”

The twitter account of an aquarium is willing to stoop to some serious lows to get more patrons. Literally!

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Civil servant spends 20 minutes hitting on schoolgirl in Japan, gets arrested instead of a date

Man with more determination than brains says after initial rejection days earlier, he “just couldn’t forget her.”

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Couple in China get married under romantic rain of fire and brimstone【Video】

A celebration where it isn’t really clear if the guests love or hate the couple getting married

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Domino’s Pizza Japan now sells curry to dip its pizza crust in, and we want it so bad

Clam chowder and chili dips also available, and are enticing alternatives to Japanese pizza with mayo.

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Maths professor from Japan’s optical illusions will have you doubting your own eyes【Video】

Perplexing perspectives: when left is right, and right is right, our brains melt but we’re impressed nonetheless.

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Tokyo crow who tried to buy a train ticket gets illegally captured

Local citizen takes the law into her own hands and catches the prepaid card-stealing bird, but lands in trouble with the authorities herself.

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This may look like an ordinary vending machine from afar, but it’s a different picture up close

What’s unique about this vending machine may draw your eye if you look carefully enough.

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Suntory has clear, no-alcohol, plastic-bottled beer so you can drink at work without being judged

Product was created to meet customers’ “various needs,” in this case enjoying the taste of beer while in the middle of your shift.

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Creepy Japanese construction site display celebrates Children’s Day, gives passers-by goose bumps

Mannequins celebrating various yearly events have Japanese Twitter freaking out.

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Ludicrously unbelievable diet product claims to convert beer and chicken into water

New breakthrough boldly defies both science and common sense.

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Lusty Japanese dog shows it knows exactly what anime “huggy” pillows are really for【Video】

And other otaku have a theory about where he learned it.

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