There are lots of websites out there that invite artists to post their works for all to see. However, there are a great many artists out there, and over time a build-up of paintings, drawings, CGIs and photos can become too much for the average person to know where to begin, let alone anyone scouting for new talent.

On 6 January, a new website called Slash Temp (stylized “/temp”) was opened that lets illustrators freely post whatever creation they like on one condition: a ticking timer will be attached that deletes the image in 24 hours. This isn’t just some random image dump though. There is a way to preserve drawings that get a rise out of viewers for better or worse…

Although created by Japanese company, the website is also available in English. Viewing the 8-bit stylized top page you’ll see the “super extend” images, “almost the end” pictures, and “new arrival” illustrations.

Although Slash Temp fixes a time limit to all posted images, their time-limits may be extended by other users. By posting a comment on the image, you extend its life by one hour per character. This way images that elicit a reaction will be preserved, and if you find a picture you particularly like you can keep it alive by expressing your feelings about it.

The images in the “super extend” have received the most comments, whereas those in “almost the end” likely have not received any feedback from the public and are nearing their expiry date.

This is an interesting change from the standard “like” buttons found throughout the internet as Slash Temp only preserves images that have an impact, letting things go as interest wanes. This perhaps also opens the door for saddening or anger inducing images that you’d normally feel weird clicking “like” can be recognized.

It can be a good way for artists to spitball ideas by submitting a rough sketch and seeing if it gets a reaction before putting the time and effort in on a full-blown piece. It’s free to use and simply requires a nickname and password to register. Just one word of warning: make sure you get your picture exactly right before posting it as there’s no way to remove it until the clock finally hits zero.

Source: /temp (Japanese/English) via Netlab (Japanese)