Sometimes catching them all just isn’t enough, especially if you happen to be Dota player SirActionSlacks.

Many readers that grew up the 90s probably remember Pokémon Snap on the Nintendo 64. If you were lucky enough to live in North America or Japan at the time of the game’s release, you could bring your best Pokémon shots to Blockbuster Video or a Lawson convenience store and have them printed out into purikura-like stickers.

A contest followed for U.S. residents to find the best shot. All entrants had to do was print their favorite photo of a surfing Pikachu or a dancing Snorlax, stick it in the mail, and wait to see if they had won a free safari trip to Australia. (You know, the next best thing to having Pokémon around in real life.)

But what was supposed to be a fun contest no matter if you won or lost took a tragic turn for Reddit user named SirActionSlacks, a popular Dota player and YouTuber well liked for the stories he often tells while logging some game time with other players.

His story about his experience entering the contest was so sad that it soon went viral and was even picked up by some news channels.

Since then, a number of net users have criticized SirActionSlacks for possibly fibbing about certain details, or even making up the story in its entirely. Even the best stories have their share of embellishments.

▼ SirActionSlack’s real name doesn’t seem to be included in the runners-up list.

Either way, being a full-time gamer and all, I think it’s safe that in the end he’s come out of the experience the true winner, even if there might not be many “Happy Father’s Day”s at the Slacks household any more.

But, if anything, the real takeaway from this is that if you need something important done, it’s usually better to handle it yourself.

Source: YouTube/moonducktv via Kotaku US
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Insert image: Nintendo, via Wayback Machine