Couple uses NOSTALGIA ATTACK! And with personalised features and 8-bit graphics, it’s a CRITICAL HIT!!

Two years ago, augmented reality mobile game Pokémon GO took the world by storm, bringing fans of the Pokémon franchise together as trainers ventured out into the great outdoors to catch ’em all.

For two unsuspecting players in Tokyo, Pokémon GO would play a big part in their love story. Not only would it lead to their chance encounter while playing the game in the city’s Odaiba district, but their shared love of the franchise would help to kickstart their romance, culminating in the two exchanging marriage vows this year.

So on 10 November, Shibu and Lily held their reception ceremony at Toranomon Hills’ Andaz Tokyo, and while they made sure to include plenty of Pokémon details at the party, one of the highlights turned out to be a nine-minute long “profile movie” created for them by a dear uni friend. 

Take a look at the special 140-second version of the adorable clip below, which their friend created especially for Twitter:

If only we all had friends as creative as this! From their meeting at Odaiba right through to their engagement and wedding ceremony, Shibu and Lily’s love story is served up with plenty of nostalgia, thanks to the soundtrack and graphics in the movie, which takes its cues from the original Pokémon games of the ’90s.

▼ Shibu and Lily’s history: “They met catching Pokémon with Pokémon GO at Odaiba”.

▼ It appears that Lapras was the Pokémon that brought the two together at Odaiba.

According to the clip, the couple became engaged a year after they started dating. The day before the date of their wedding, the two met up with their Pokémon buddies again. When they registered their marriage, they used official Pokémon-themed papers.

As the couple walked down the aisle (known as the “Virgin Road” in Japanese), their friends and family were there in real-life and in 8-bit form to cheer them on. And as the clip comes to a close, it signs off with a “To be continued” screen.

▼ If only they’d swapped out the emoji faces for Pokémon ones…

Like the game that brought them together, Shibu and Lily’s life is bound to continue on a series of exciting adventures. Perhaps one day soon they’ll travel further abroad to catch some region-exclusive pocket monsters, and who knows — one day they might even make a little Pokémon of their own!

Source: Hachima Kiko
Images: Twitter/@shibuya319