Owner asks for Internet’s help in tracking down man behind drive-by attack.

Japanese Twitter user @suminoe42, as the name implies, is a resident of Osaka’s Suminoe Ward. He’s also the owner of a four-year-old cat named Hideki, who generally spends his time lounging in front of @suminoe42’s house.

As with a lot of Japanese homes, there isn’t a lot of space between @suminoe42’s front door and the street, and on multiple recent occasions he’s noticed some peculiar litter, in the form of bread crumbs and BBs, just outside his house. Wanting to know why the reason for this odd combination, he took a look at the footage from his security camera that faces the street, and made a startling discovery.


In a video shared by @suminoe42 on November 24, a black Nissan X-Trail SUV can be seen stopping in front of the house. The driver stretches his arm through the window opening and tosses two objects, later identified by @suminoe42 as pieces of bread, out onto the pavement before slowly driving off.

But it turns out the food isn’t litter, but bait. Shortly thereafter, Hideki, seemingly enticed by the food lying on the ground, ventures out towards the street. That’s when the car, which has circled around the block, pulls up again.

Once again, the driver extends his hand through the window opening, but this time it’s not to toss bread, but to open fire with a BB pistol, aimed at the unsuspecting cat.

Thankfully, Hideki wasn’t injured in the attack. Nonetheless, @suminoe42 is, predictably, extremely upset about the incident. In an effort to help identify the attacker, another Twitter user isolated and enlarged the car’s license plate in the video footage.

@suminoe42 has contacted the police, and asks anyone who spots the car to do the same. In the meantime, hopefully Hideki is spending more time indoors.

Source: IT Media
Images: Twitter/@suminoe42