Cat refuses to move from Japanese convenience store on anniversary of store manager’s death

Animal’s mysterious actions make staff wonder if it was their manager returning in feline form to say one final goodbye

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Village Vanguard releases adorable cat motif gaming earphones!

Hear everything going on in your game or music purr-fectly.

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Ed Sheeran’s “I Don’t Care” gets official Japanese parody video starring Blouson Chiemi 【Video】

Japanese comedian steps into Justin Bieber’s shoes and eats flying sushi with Sheeran in hilarious new music video.

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Adorable kitten becomes growling demon for delicious Japanese snack【Video】

A snack so delicious, you’ll wonder what’s inside that makes your cat insane.

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Japanese artist and cat make bamboo guitar that serves nagashi somen noodles on hot summer days

Gives new meaning to “noodling around on the guitar.”

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A visit to Japan’s cat beautiful, quirky, and touching cat temple, Unrinji【Photos】

Often-overlooked temple in one of Japan’s most best sightseeing towns was inspired by the story of a deeply devoted samurai cat.

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We take a cat yoga class at a Japanese rescue cat cafe

Stretch and relax with some friendly felines just a short train ride away from Tokyo.

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That’s not a cat or a plushie. It’s an adorable kitty kinchaku kimono-style bag from Japan!【Pics】

Feline fashion accessories fool the eyes, charm the heart.

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Adorable cat sandals from Japan welcome new arrivals to their feline footwear litter【Photos】

Stylishly cute cats are ready to land on your feet this summer.

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Sleepy Japanese kitty’s snoring is cuter and crazier than you’d ever imagine【Video】

Cat nap becomes a hilarious concert.

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Wise, adorable cat orb charms from Japan gacha machines float ominously wherever you hang them

What is your wallet, bag or desk display missing? That’s right: a frightening and beguiling plastic cat orb.
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Japanese cat uses epic photobombing skills to ruin anime viewing experience, make Internet’s day

Attack on owner’s Attack on Titan session is perfectly timed and a triple success.

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Cute cat with amazing concentration powers focuses its iron gaze on an icy drink, of all things

Add this to the list of random things that will entertain your cat.

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Need someone to watch your cat while you’re away? Try the new Japanese cat-lover’s site Nyatching

Not only is it a community of pet-sitters, but it’s a community of cat lovers, too!

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The secret to making cats love you: This one brand of Japanese jeans, believers say

Your wallet will love Uniqlo’s ultra-affordable sister brand, and some say cats will too.

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Pretty kitty wants its owner to pay attention to it, meows happily when she does【Video】

Who says cats don’t care about their humans?

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The cat returns! Giant cat sells sweet potatoes from a pussy wagon in Japan 【Pics & Video】

This cat likes to pull peace poses, stand on two feet and make a living selling hot potatoes.

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Japanese Twitter freaks out over cartoonist’s cute cat freaking out over its tail 【Video】

What better way to start the day than by chasing your butt in a circle?
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The star of this amazing cat video from Japan isn’t actually a cat!【Video】

They say seeing is believing, but you’ll want to see it in motion before you decide what to believe.

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Japanese cats love nothing more in the world than watching farmer next door plant his rice【Video】

Just because cats don’t like to work doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy watching other people work.

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