Adorable cats from Japan impede drum practice, get our hearts drumming too【Video】

There are no rules that say a cat can’t play the drums, but these two definitely need a few more lessons before they go pro.

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Videos of Japanese cats sucking their own paws melts the Internet’s heart【Videos】

If cats are cute, and babies are cute, cats acting like babies must be just about the cutest thing ever, right?

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Tochigi man arrested for shoplifting animals from hardware store to feed to his cat

Suspect’s pet must have been a finicky feline to need to eat exotic prey like parakeets and hamsters.

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Ridiculously buff cat has the bodybuilder physique of dreams, sparks jealousy in netizens’ hearts

“What could that be out…*flexes*…there?”

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The mystery of the disappearing family altar water offering: Man catches the culprit pink-pawed!

A Japanese family wondered why water placed on their family alter kept disappearing. Turns out a furry relative was to blame!

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Tokyo cat cafe reopens weeks after virus outbreak kills over 25 percent of its feline population

Adopts new inoculation policy, offers to pay for medical expenses for customers’ own cats.

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Japanese cat sleeps so hard it flattens its head, scores a cuteness critical hit

If you catnap too hard, your face will stick that way!

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Dragon Ball’s Lord Beerus shows up at mortal’s house, lowly humans beware!【Cat cosplay】

If there’s one lesson that the Dragon Ball anime has taught us in recent years, it’s that you should never cross a God of Destruction (without cup noodles).

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Cute Japanese cat fails to catch virtual iPad goldfish, captures Internet’s heart anyway【Video】

Don’t give up, little guy! Not because you can catch them, but because it’s so adorable to watch you try.

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Cat Cafe Mocha in Tokyo shuts down after cats die from feline parvovirus outbreak

News of the deaths was first leaked by an anonymous source online, who was outraged when the cafe remained open, posing a risk to more animals.

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Japanese netizens share amazing anecdotes of cats understanding human speech

Heartwarming tales from multiple netizens suggest that cats, especially stray “boss” cats, are smarter than we thought.

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Cat photographer captures fascinating shots of our feline friends dancing and practicing kung fu

Now we know what our cat overlords get up to when we’re not looking.

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Twitter user plays God with unholy cat and Roomba fusion

Some Twitter users just want to watch the world burn. Others want their personal vacuum cleaner to have an unnerving cat’s head atop it at all times.
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Cat cafe video shows reaction of felines before, during and after an earthquake in Japan

Video shows the cats panicking before the tremors start.

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Kyoto family’s cat, missing for half a year, returns home after Osaka earthquake

Recent quake ends more happily than expected for one Kansai resident.

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Japanese cat lover has an ingenious plan to keep your cat from hogging your bed all night

Tired of sleepless nights from your cute kitty pushing you around the bed? Here’s a quick and clever solution.

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Loving Japanese son accidentally feeds dog snacks to his family on Father’s Day

Satisfied diners say the food was “delicious.”
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What would a samurai-era cat cafe look like? Like the brand-new Edo Cat Cafe opening in Tokyo!

Take a trip back in time and into feline cuteness with this new cat cafe in one of Tokyo’s most history-rich neighborhoods.

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Rent-a-kitty Rooms! Twitter user liveblogs ryokan inn with a special ‘rental cat’ option

A Twitter user caused a ker-fluff-le with adorable photos from her lodgings in Hakone, where you can pick a cat to accompany you during your stay.
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