Twitter user plays God with unholy cat and Roomba fusion

Some Twitter users just want to watch the world burn. Others want their personal vacuum cleaner to have an unnerving cat’s head atop it at all times.
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Cat cafe video shows reaction of felines before, during and after an earthquake in Japan

Video shows the cats panicking before the tremors start.

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Kyoto family’s cat, missing for half a year, returns home after Osaka earthquake

Recent quake ends more happily than expected for one Kansai resident.

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Japanese cat lover has an ingenious plan to keep your cat from hogging your bed all night

Tired of sleepless nights from your cute kitty pushing you around the bed? Here’s a quick and clever solution.

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Loving Japanese son accidentally feeds dog snacks to his family on Father’s Day

Satisfied diners say the food was “delicious.”
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What would a samurai-era cat cafe look like? Like the brand-new Edo Cat Cafe opening in Tokyo!

Take a trip back in time and into feline cuteness with this new cat cafe in one of Tokyo’s most history-rich neighborhoods.

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Rent-a-kitty Rooms! Twitter user liveblogs ryokan inn with a special ‘rental cat’ option

A Twitter user caused a ker-fluff-le with adorable photos from her lodgings in Hakone, where you can pick a cat to accompany you during your stay.
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Are you team black cat or team white cat?

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Potential cat-astrophe! Japanese park goers warned about dangers of cats and shoes, possibly

Model/celebrity finds confusing sign telling us to do, or not do, something involving small cats and big shoes.

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Japanese gravure bikini model cosplays as a cat for Bibi Lab’s crazy new human pet house

There’s a lot to look at in this bizarre cat-eared collaboration.

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Videos of cat and hamster taking adorable cuddly naps together melt Japan’s hearts【Videos】

Hunting instincts lose out to fluffiness and mutual friendship.

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Why does my cat’s poop stink so much? Japanese scientists bust the myth behind feline turds

It’s neither diet nor parasites, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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Japan unknowingly wastes over four metric tons of vegetables a year in its instant noodles【Video】

Before you dig into your instant noodles, remember this important step that comes from caring for cats.

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Japanese company’s fashion hoods let you add cute cat ears…to your cat

Putting a cat hat on a cat.

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Japan’s most famous cat island moving towards plan to spay, neuter all of its kitty inhabitants

Aging, shrinking human population says it can no longer take care of all of the frisky felines.

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Stray cat in Japanese mountains guides visiting humans out of woods in the dark of night【Video】

Kind-hearted feline proves to be more useful than blank-screen car navigation system.

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Japanese Twitter loves adorable cats’ reactions to Monster Hunter: World’s Felyne voices【Videos】

These kitties just can’t figure out where the sounds are coming from!

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Tokyo cafe doesn’t bat an eye at “obstruction of business” kitties【Monday Kickstart】

I think we all know whose turf it really is.

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Japanese cat somehow manages to lose fight with snowman, still wins Internet’s heart【Video】

It’s hard to get beat by an inanimate, frozen foe, but then again it’s also hard to be this cute.

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Cat-shaped strawberry proves that everything in Japan can be cute, even the fruit

Irregularly shaped berry is extraordinarily adorable.

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