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Ibaraki Police warn against fake warnings by the police


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New cat hotel in Japan lets you watch kitties right outside your window for entire stay【Pics】

Forget ocean views. “Cat view” is the best kind of hotel room.

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Historical katana dessert knives turn your sweet snacks into a delicious duel【Photos】

One of Japan’s best katana-collection museums recreates its swords in miniature form for you to cut up your desserts with.

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An entire Tokyo anime company has apparently disappeared, leaving artists unpaid for their work

Tear-jerking reports from multiple artists as studio, which produced a theatrical anime this year, erases its online presence.

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Japanese cosplay comedians perfectly recreate Street Fighter II…if you close your eyes【Video】

Sounds can be deceiving as Ryu battles E. Honda in a fight that’s half laughable, half legitimately amazing.

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Japan’s bonenkai parties are the worst thing about the end of the year. Here’s how to fix them

The most hated forced social activity of the year in Japan could be changed to make everyone happier, Twitter user says.

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Announcing the 2019 Junior and Senior High School Girls’ Buzzword Awards & 2020 predictions

Find out this year’s trendiest slang for Japanese female teenagers and you’ll be grouped in the cool crowd while strutting the streets of Shibuya.

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This captivating autumnal image looks like something out of a Japanese fairytale

Twitter is alight with delight over this stunning shot of a kimono-clad girl and her dainty deer friend.

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This crazy tower in a Japanese park promises a message form aliens, so we went to get one【Travel】

Will our UFO-chasing reporter finally get the answers he’s been looking for since the alien encounter he says he had in high school?

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Slot machine’s proposed logo suspiciously familiar to a classic video game

[R] [  ] [P] [  ] [F] [F]: Um, I’d like to solve the puzzle.

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Believe it or not, those aren’t pantyhose that this woman is wearing

Crazy-thick, amazingly warm tights from Japan look just like a pair of sheer stockings, unless you see them inside out.

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Watch as these Japanese cats treat their brand new, giant cushion with extreme suspicion

“What the HECK is THIS THING?!”

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Press start, receive art: Japanese art gallery showcases bugged Nintendo screen canvases

Beautiful paintings of glitchy NES screens will star in Tokyo art gallery through December.
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How to improve your singing at karaoke with a deceivingly simple trick

For those who are microphone-shy or desire that perfect performance, there’s a shockingly easy way to hit higher notes (and higher scores).

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Japanese lawyer comments on legality of tattoo ban at hot springs, netizens share thoughts too

Are tattoo bans at onsen a relic of the past or part of Japanese culture?

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Only 75 of this gigantic anniversary Moomin plush from Japan will be made: get your orders in!

Moomin fans will love this big, beautiful plush — and thanks to the Moomin series’ 75th anniversary, he could be yours!
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Deep-fried ramen croquettes now exist in Japan, and we are all powerless to resist them

The ramen croquette is here to satisfy all our guilty pleasure hunger food cravings at once.

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Do Japanese people like Dr. Pepper? Online poll seeks the truth, gets 28,000 responses

The results are surprising..but make sense if you think about it.

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Japanese gamer mom wants kids to unlock the achievement of beating a game without Internet guides

OK kids, did you remember to finish your homework, brush your teeth, and smash every pot in the village?

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Disney’s Japanese New Year’s plushies and figures are ready to make oshogatsu cuter than ever

Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, and even Baymax turn into traditional symbols of good luck and the Chinese Zodiac to help ring in 2020.

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