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Best Secret of Mana fan art ever? Jaw-dropping project took over a year, 150,000 beads【Photos】

And, naturally, the combined strength of three heroes.

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Can even heavy drinkers enjoy the “Stop Drinking Center” in Okayama?

Yes, but they can’t drink there…but not because it’s a rule. It’s just… Ahhh, just see for yourself.

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Nintendo Tokyo, Nintendo’s first ever dedicated shop in Japan, opens–here’s the awesome merch!

A massive photo safari of the treasure trove of amazing stuff waiting at Nintendo’s brand-new Shibuya destination store!

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We attend one of Japan’s most important press conferences this year, dressed as Vegeta【Photos】

We send Dragon Ball’s anime prince to listen to important businessmen talk about important business stuff.

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Japan’s YouTube knife-maker is back at it again–this time with a knife made entirely of fungus

Wouldn’t you want to cook with a fungus knife?

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The hallucinatingly warm bedsheets of Japan’s favorite cheap home furnishings brand【Photos】

It’s like sleeping inside a batch of soft, comfy mochi.

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New visual unveiled for Universal Studios Japan’s Nintendo World shows a pixel-perfect panorama

Look forward to real-life takes on Peach and Bowser’s castles, Mario Kart themed attractions and more!
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Vandalism on rise at Japanese shrines as pro-Hong Kong protest prayer boards are defaced

Ema supporting ongoing Hong Kong protests have been crossed out, snapped into pieces, and written over in Chinese.

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What’s the best Rumiko Takahashi anime of all time? Fans decide, pick best characters too【Survey】

Inuyasha vs. Ranma. Vs. Lum vs….a whole lot more of the most popular anime and manga stars from the past 40 years.

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Tokyo’s Yomiuri Giants baseball players crossdress in beauty contest for fans

Not competing for batting averages or home runs, but likes on Instagram.

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This huge, detailed Gundam sculpture was built out of cardboard by Japanese high school students

You may have seen some Gundam models, but I bet you’ve never seen one like this!

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New Pokémon Tail hook series is here to keep your home organized and adorable【Photos】

Both male and female Pikachus, plus six other Pokémon species, will stick to your walls and your heart.

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American-Japanese model Kiko designs “morning cleavage” bra for lingerie brand Wacoal 【Video】

Kiko from Queer Eye steps out in the bra and shows us why the Fab Five are obsessed with her.

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Can you put Japan’s hot bottled tea/coffee in the microwave? Only if you see this special notice

Almost all drink makers caution against it, but one says it’s safe as long as you follow some special rules.

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Miniature purikura photo booth from Japan lets you feel like a Japanese schoolgirl from the ’90s

New palm-sized machine actually takes real purikura photos.

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We preview Japan’s first-ever Nintendo Tokyo, Capcom Store and Shibuya Pokémon Centre megastore

Mr. Sato takes us on a tour of Cyberspace Shibuya inside Parco ahead of its grand opening. 

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Ultra-luxurious breakfast bus will give Tokyo commuters a break from the hell of rush-hour trains

Elegance is the name of the game with special Nestlé transportation option.

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What Pokémon Type are you? A quick look at your social media habits will give you the answer

Personality quiz reveals if you’re a fun-loving Grass Type or a relentless Dark Type.

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Japanese Twitter calls out crazy bottled water claims, gets us thinking about what we’re drinking

So you’re saying this water lasted how long? And it’s good until when?
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Mr. Sato warms an egg in his armpit for a delicious Japanese dish【SoraKitchen】

This may be the easiest recipe we’ve ever attempted…and maybe the grossest too?

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