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Hello Kitty adds Japanese exorcism to her work repertoire, Twitter baffled and amused

Is there anything Kitty can’t do? She can spiritually purify your house or room with salt now, so tell your ghost stories without fear of retribution!
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Tokyo Electric Power Company airs first commercial since Fukushima disaster, creates new mascot

After a seven-year self-imposed TV ad suspension, company shows images of relaxed families and offers cute bunny character merchandise.

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Gay Japanese Twitter user comes out to family, mother’s response moves Twitter to tears

Amazingly open-minded mother wows son and Internet with words of wisdom.

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Naked Japanese man arrested at restaurant, has kind of an understandable excuse

All-nude shopping and dining excursion was planned for his comfort, not so much other people’s.

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Pikachu Outbreak 2018: World’s first Eevee march to join Pokémon summer celebrations in Japan!

Because the only thing better than seeing 1,500-plus Pikachus is seeing a squad of Eevees at the same time.

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These are the 11 most crowded trains in Japan…and surprise! They’re all in the Tokyo area

Tokyo’s trains are too crowded for just a top 10 list, and the worst is one that runs at almost double 100-percent capacity.

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Japan’s most popular maid cafe, Akiba Zettai Ryoiki, opens new “Maid Cafe Winery” in Akihabara

The place to go for three of the world’s most delightful things: wine, cats, and girls in thigh-high stockings.

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“Hair Extension Bangs” from a 100-yen store: A bargain to beautify the bald and bereft

Our reporter heads to the discount store in hopes of glamming up his forehead, and shares the whole process in glorious GIF form.
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Japanese child’s sad story of learning that “goodwill” is sometimes just “self-satisfaction”

It’s a hard truth they learned early on in life.

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This is the best summer in years to visit Japan…if you hate mosquitoes

People aren’t getting bit by the aggravating insects in Japan this summer, those some might the reason why is something even worse.

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We go to Kyushu’s Miyazaki Prefecture to feel like giants in (on?) a tiny party train【Photos】

Going slightly loco-motive in the stunning scenery of Japan’s southern Kyushu island, with bubbles!

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Photos from live-action French adaptation of anime City Hunter dazzle Japanese fans

When the actors look like they just stepped out of an anime, things are off to a good start.

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Let’s find the Japanese full-face visor best suited for your grandmother or handmaiden

No mature woman’s ensemble would be complete without their own Imperial Guard mask.

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Saudi Arabia bans Yo-Kai Watch, Okami, 45 other video games following child suicides

Titles from Final Fantasy and Attack on Titan franchises also on list in wake of deaths thought to have stemmed from online bullying.

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This new crowdfunding project proves there really is a fetish for everything.

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Saying a prayer can open a passage between men’s and women’s baths at this Japanese hot spring

Love can start in the tub at this romantic onsen that puts the power in ladies’ hands.

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Japanese dad teaches son WAY too much about working adult life with visits to role-play park

After repeated visits to indoor amusement park for kids, son feels just like a lot of grown-ups do.

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Real life Baby Driver! Taxi driver speeds Japanese Twitter user’s pregnant wife to hospital

Anyone would be excited for the birth of their own child, but this taxi driver elevated the special event into a scene worthy of an action movie.

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Walking under the ocean between two of Japan’s main islands via the Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel

If you want an unforgettable way to go between Kyushu and Honshu, look no further.

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Nearly 70 percent of young Japanese women self-identify as otaku in survey

Seven out of ten say they enjoy anime and manga, and over 15 percent spend more than 90,000 yen a year on their otaku hobbies.

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