Sugoi Mop and Trash can

Living in filth but too lazy to do anything about it? Have a penchant for new technology and toys? Today’s your lucky day!

Introducing the new Sugoi Mop and GomibaGo! two new remote controlled devices that enable you to remain firmly planted on your sofa while doing a half-arsed job of cleaning. Operated via video game-style controllers, you can zoom your Sugoi (“incredible”) Mop around the room and bring the trash can to you whenever you need it.

Deliciously over-the-top promotional video and images after the break.

While the following video will do little for Japan’s credibility or help the country shake off its eccentric gadget-obsessed image, it remains nothing short of advertising gold with its over-excited announcer, questionable acting and dramatic camera work. We defy anyone to watch this video and not immediately want to buy either of the products!

The two new battery-powered oddities are creations of Japanese radio control specialists Kyosho Egg, join devices such as R/C helicopters, insects and sports cars in the company’s product lineup.

Despite its name, the Sugoi Mop cannot actually be used on wet surfaces, but it is capable of knocking things over, frightening pets who have grown used to the predictable movements of Roomba cleaning robots, and possibly putting an end to your already strained relationship. Perhaps intended as novelty gifts or office toys more than actual cleaning tools, the products are available to buy from online stores such as Amazon JP for around 1,455 yen (US$16) each. While it’s unlikely that many will be happy to actually use the Sugoi Mop to clean their home, it may be a sneaky way of encouraging work-shy kids to get involved with the housework.

The Sugoi Mop features “elegant lines” and even a handle for those who are feeling old-school and prefer to dust manually.

RC mop

The R/C GomibaGo! (a combination of the Japanese words gomi bako, meaning trash can, and the English word “go”), meanwhile, is perfect for tissues and sweet wrappers, even if the control unit will take up roughly half the space of the bin itself…

RC bin

Forget Terminator 2′s frightening depiction of the end of the human race at the hands of demonic machines; the real way we die out is from sheer laziness as we sit around in comfy hover chairs and slurp on sodas ala the humans of the future in Pixar’s wonderful movie Wall-E.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a dirty floor to guide a radio controlled duster over.

Source: Kyosho via Kotaku Japan

RC Mop video grab