Yurukyara title

It’s not surprising that in Japan, the land of cute and cuddly, pretty much everything has a fuzzy mascot. Even prefectural and city governments are getting in on the merchandising mania with adorable (or terrifying, depending on your point of view) characters called yuru-kyara meant to promote tourism and local products.

This week, 141 yuru-kyara from 25 prefectures across the country gathered in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, to make their mark on history by becoming the largest group of mascots ever to do the same dance together. Jaw-droppingly awesome video after the break.

HTB, the event organizers, set the goal of gathering characters from all over the country to perform a synchronized dance number to a song called The Beard Dance by The Drifters (a Japanese comedy rock band with no relation to the American R&B group). If, during the 5-minute song, less that 5% of the characters were out of sync or made mistakes, they would get a listing in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Although the yuru-kyara earnestly and enthusiastically shook their tiny arms and bulbous bodies to the music, they twice failed meet the requirements. However, 134 mascots put in a flawless performance on the third try and succeeded in setting the record! Congratulatory music played and the characters jumped around hugging each other, completely lost in the moment. Could there be any happier sight on planet Earth than 141 giant cuddly creatures dancing and embracing? We think not.

Kumamon, the bear-like mascot for Kumamoto, was heard to say, “I’m a little tired, mon,” after the successful third set, but with the guts and professionalism of a pro mascot, he and the other yuru-kyara happily agree to pose for photos with their fans.

Without further ado, here are the dancing yuru-kyara in all their funky glory:

Source: Nishi Nippon Shimbun
Images: Hamachi Kikou