trash can

Titan trash can to be placed near a Coca-Cola vending machine in Oita to help promote recycling

Hopefully it will help people realize they’re not supposed to throw trash in recycling bins.

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Japanese Twitter falls in love with trash cat who jumps out of trash can【Video】

You’ll never have any need for a jack-in-the-box with this cute cat and a flip-lid trash receptacle!

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Too Lazy to Clean? Remote Control Mops and Trash Cans are Here to Help! 【Video】

Living in filth but too lazy to do anything about it? Have a penchant for new technology and toys? Today’s your lucky day!

Introducing the new Sugoi Mop and GomibaGo! two new remote controlled devices that enable you to remain firmly planted on your sofa while doing a half-arsed job of cleaning. Operated via video game-style controllers, you can zoom your Sugoi (“incredible”) Mop around the room and bring the trash can to you whenever you need it.

Deliciously over-the-top promotional video and images after the break.

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