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Domo-kun is down on the ice and can’t get up! Who can save the furry, brown monster mascot?!?

During the recent NHK Trophy figure skating event, some of Japan’s more popular mascots took to the ice in an exhibition that showed off their masterful skating skills.

Unfortunately, Domo-kun, the mascot for Japan’s national public broadcaster NHK, found himself in a terrible situation during his program, Domo-kun On Ice, when he missed his trick and fell down on his back, unable to get up.

▼ “See me glide, like a majestic eagle wearing ice-skates!”

domo 1

▼ “Oh, crap!”

domo 2

▼ “Maybe if I can’t see people, they can’t see me either…”

domo 3

▼ “This is definitely going to end up on RocketNews24.”

domo 4

Usaji, the old-man bunny and Tashanna, the weasel in the pink dress, skated to Domo-kun’s side to try and help him get back on his skates, but they were having no better luck. But as the saying goes, “the show must go on,” so Tashanna continued acting as if it was all part of the program and Usaji desperately called others to help Domo-kun.

Who can you call in such a dire situation? Only a knight in shining armor will do, so bring on the skater with the goldest armor and the most flair.

Yuzuru Hanyu, who absolutely crushed the competition at the event with over 300 points, came to bring Domo-kun back to his feet. It only seems fitting as Yuzuru always brings the audience to their feet, so Domo-kun could only follow suit.

H/T: Kotaku UK
Top Image: Twitter/@unta0430