Japanese restaurant puts up sign that every waiter and waitress has always wanted

Being rude here is going to cost you.

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Grumpy Man’s Guide to Tokyo Disney: A bitter ex-fan shares his side of the 35th anniversary gala

Can faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust rekindle P.K Sanjun’s love of Disney? Here’s his experience of the 35th anniversary festivities.
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Japanese advertising company selling space on young women’s armpits, recruiting models【Photos】

Hopefully those ads are waterproof.

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It’s so hot in Japan that people are cooking food in/on their cars【Photos】

Too busy to cook after work? This might be a solution for you.

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Man crosses Japanese drinking culture line by taking mug of draft beer onto train

Japan is usually willing to look the other way about booze on the rails, but not this time.

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“Hair Extension Bangs” from a 100-yen store: A bargain to beautify the bald and bereft

Our reporter heads to the discount store in hopes of glamming up his forehead, and shares the whole process in glorious GIF form.
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Let’s find the Japanese full-face visor best suited for your grandmother or handmaiden

No mature woman’s ensemble would be complete without their own Imperial Guard mask.

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Japanese dad teaches son WAY too much about working adult life with visits to role-play park

After repeated visits to indoor amusement park for kids, son feels just like a lot of grown-ups do.

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Creative Thai snack commercials are clever and funny, but also perplexing and weird

And yet for some reason you’ll still want to eat these snacks.

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Anime fan’s boyfriend asks her to throw out her 2-D crush, she gets rid of something else instead

Fujoshi forced to decide makes the only choice that makes sense.

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A reminder of why you shouldn’t be quick to judge who’s sitting in Japans’ priority train seats

Pregnant woman’s “battle” for a seat has a twist ending.

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Testing Japan’s sold-online love potion: Mr. Sato makes his coworkers drink the romantic mixture

Love is in the cups, and maybe the air, as Mr. Sato sees if he can make the SoraNews24 staff fall in love with each other.

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Japanese elementary school student’s essay about mother’s prawn pilaf is absolutely adorable

It broke the heart of the embarrassed mother.

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Crazy-athletic Japanese convenience store clerk may be employee of year, or Super Mario【Video】

Leaping into action and clearing Japan’s already high bar for customer service in an amazing way.

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Twitter searches for the mysterious Shinsekis…and their potty-trained rabbit

A surprise message left in the walls of a home leads to a widespread search for the previous homeowners.

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Real life ensues as virtual YouTuber anime girl fields call from “boyfriend” while broadcasting

Mugi Ienaga remembers to tell viewers bye, forgets to shut off the microphone.

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Photo of Canadian cops doing something that would be unthinkable in Japan goes viral

None of the natives at this Canada Day celebration seemed to care, but in Japan, this would never happen.

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Kyoto code cracked? Japanese bartender translates Kyotoites’ compliments into hidden insults

Buddhist monk who also tends bar says to take complements from Kyoto with a grain of salt.

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Senegalese soccer team’s dance moves go perfectly with Japanese idol music, fan discovers【Videos】

As Senegal’s players shine on the field, famous anime anthem asks if their hearts are shining too.

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Sayonara, smelly salarymen! Japanese company develops self-smell-checking device

Handheld device sniffs pits and other smelly parts, assigns numerical stank ranking.

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