Japanese cat lover has an ingenious plan to keep your cat from hogging your bed all night

Tired of sleepless nights from your cute kitty pushing you around the bed? Here’s a quick and clever solution.

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12th Angry Tea Table Flipping Contest held in Japan’s Iwate Prefecture

Regular event calls out the best tea table upenders around.

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Anthropomorphized menstrual cycle is Japan’s newest comic book star

Seiri-chan is a heartwarmingly absurd manga for the modern period.

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Pet rabbit celebrates Japan’s World Cup victory by humping Pokémon’s Charmander【Video】

Sudden exuberance following soccer win draws praise for vigor and speed.

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Who’s that Dad? Curious and political Father’s Day portraits show up at a supermarket in Japan

Japanese Twitter gets a good laugh out of these great examples of a common elementary school exercise. Happy Father’s Day!

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Loving Japanese son accidentally feeds dog snacks to his family on Father’s Day

Satisfied diners say the food was “delicious.”
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10 reasons real life is like a terrible kusoge video game

It might have been made into a board game, but here are 10 reasons why the game of life shouldn’t get a PC or console port.

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Drinking party breaks out on Tokyo Station platform as Shinkansen delay strands travelers

Booze fans pass the time in a quintessentially Japanese way, while their younger counterparts opt for a more athletic method.

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The pitfalls of inter-otaku conversation, turns out it’s no better than with non-otaku

Cool artwork shows how little otaku have to say to non-otaku, or even each other.

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American otaku attends college graduation accompanied by his anime girl huggy pillow【Video】

Young man in Southern California has a degree, and also a very clear opinion on who Love Live!’s best girl is.

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Random shadow on wall gets anime-style fan art as artists prove they can find cute girls anywhere

Nikko Nikolai: Cutest shadow ever?
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Hamtaro in hiding? Japanese internet notices mysterious disappearance of cute character’s Twitter

One of Japan’s most famous children’s mascots has vanished from Twitter, and we only have his final words as a clue.

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Five reasons your partner’s political apathy means you’d be better off without them

If you wanna know, if he loves you so, it’s in his… political engagement, that’s where it is.

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Weird Japanese vending machine art installation has us sweaty, disturbed

Stay out too long in the direct heat, and this is what might happen to you.

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Why Does Engrish Happen in Japan? Moon ultra parking edition

Why Does Engrish Happen? is back with a look at what seems to be where Sailor Moon would park her car.

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Otaku mom starts diabolical plan to traumatize daughter with evil anime plushie years later【Pics】

Sure, that stuffed animal may look cute, but if you’ve seen anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, you know this is the start of a dangerous relationship.

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Foreigner’s 200-yen social experiment shows once again how unbelievably safe Japan is【Video】

Programmer from overseas leaves change out in public to test Japanese honesty, ends up with more money than he started with.

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Japanese woman fed up with being expected to serve male coworkers tea shatters corporate culture

Frustrated professional busts up her office’s outdated “tea squad” tradition with a perfectly salted comeback.

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Harry Potter and the what?! Netizen’s childhood artwork draws laughs from Japanese Twitter

At first you’ll be impressed with this drawing, but then you’ll want to laugh when you scroll down to see the rest.

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Japanese woman adorably/accidentally tells workplace supplier about her massive poop

Those aren’t hearts the penguin is dancing around.

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