These feats of greatness are made even more spectacular with a duo of easily impressed sidekicks.

Marvel’s latest superhero to hit the big screen was Doctor Strange, which like Guardians of the Galaxy, had a much smaller fan-following before its debut. Reception of the movie was mostly positive, but like any story that focuses on the origins, viewers were only given a small taste of what the Sorcerer Supreme could do in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Luckily, the doctor was able to use some of his infinite time to descend on South Korea and amaze his adoring fans with his newly honed powers and Saturday Night Live Korea was able to film it all.

This fantastic parody compiles all the little bits of “street” magic we would actually like to perform in our everyday lives into one hilarious video. You can sink a basket after turning your back to the hoop?!? WOW! You can also change the walking signal to green right when you need to cross?!? AMAZING!

▼ Bending time and space is a trivial power when you can OPEN A DOOR WITH YOUR MIND!


▼ Everything is AWESOME! WOW!!


Seeing what a hit this was, SNL Korea was able to convince Doctor Strange to return for a second round of filming. Needless to say, his powers continue to amaze and dazzle all of us.

▼ You don’t need to understand Korean to appreciate this comedy gold.

Hopefully in the future, his two fans can take a moment to actually learn from Doctor Strange instead of screaming in amazement all the time. However, when the magic is this good, you kind of want to sit there and see what else he can do. Since Doctor Strange is the first introduction of mystical and magical powers in the Marvel movies, we hope the sequel will take some time to show off more of his powers, even if he has to take to the streets to demonstrate his tricks. Until then, we definitely hope these antics will get another sketch on SNL Korea, and if or when that happens, we will be there to say, “Ooo! WOW!”

Source: Tor
Images: YouTube/tvN