The infamous kimchi slap makes a comeback!

Back in 2014, South Korean drama Everybody, Kimchi! made waves on the internet with this legendary kimchi slap scene that took the melodrama meter to a whole new level. Last week, Hollywood actress Chloe Grace Moritz reprised the attack during a guest appearance on the Korean version of Saturday Night Live, playing the fiancée of a Korean gentleman who slaps him in the face with a handful of kimchi during a family dinner dispute.

▼ Cultural tip: If you want to make a good first impression on your Korean boyfriend or girlfriend’s family, you should probably refrain from copying Ms. Moretz)


It seems the direct kimchi hit to the face was in reaction to her finance’s slap-in-the-face suggestion that they move into a rental property after marriage (traditional Korean marriage customs dictate that the man and his family should buy a house for him and his wife to live in).

Considering how times have changed, we’re not sure the suggestion warranted such a strong response, but admittedly it was hilarious! That said it’s probably best to keep in mind that South Korean dramas, similar to anime in Japan, aren’t necessarily accurate representations of real life.

Source: YouTube/tvN via Matome Naver
Images: YouTube/tvN