This holiday season, kick back with a glass of wine on four coins on the rim of another wine glass

Once you’ve tried wobbly coin wine, you’ll never go back to that horizontal crap.

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We ask one of Japan’s best guitarists how to play a crappy 100-yen toy beautifully

One man did the impossible. T-cophany played one of those crappy toy guitars beautifully.

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Hungry? Want some chips? Too bad, you can’t, because that’s not actually a bag of chips

This artist can fool you into thinking you’re allowed to snack.

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Costume-less Chinese lion dance videos show real humans, real behind-the-scenes magic【Video】

Effortlessly twirling and leaping, these acrobats are amazing… even outside of their costumes!

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Japanese kindergartener magazine comes with fun papercraft ramen game that even adults want

In Japan, passion for ramen comes at a young age.

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Chinese news agency unveils world’s first A.I. news presenters in jaw-dropping video clips

We would not blame you if you mistook them for real newscasters.

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Twitter user’s eyesight improves after playing VR game for five hours a day for five months

This would normally be incredibly straining on the eyes, but it turned out to be a blessing for this Japanese man.

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Dump truck miraculously saved from going off a bridge at the very last second 【Video】

Dashboard cam footage shows just how amazingly close to disaster the driver came.

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Chinese woman dazzles the net with her transformations into Western celebrities【Video】

Young woman transforms herself into Britney, Beyoncé, and T-Swift with only the power of makeup.

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Chinese teppanyaki chef amazes with egg-bouncing magic【Video】

Let me get this out of my system now: Omelet’n you in on an eggceptional eggstravaganza of eggstreme eggercizes in an eggcitement that’ll leave you shell-shocked!

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Hole-y crap! Instagram makeup artist Mimi Choi transforms her face into surreal works of art 【Pics】

From black hole faces to sushi hands, you can’t make up this stuff… unless you’re her.

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Taiwanese cafe fulfills customer requests with amazingly accurate 3-D custom latte art

Just show them any image and the baristas will recreate them using just frothy milk foam.

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Professional makeup artist does up every single sailor scout from Sailor Moon【Photos】

From Sailor Mercury to Sailor Pluto and even Chibiusa, you’ll be dazzled by these heroines.

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Japanese news reports miracle kid winning long-distance footrace after being in last position

Not a bad turnaround as child goes from 263rd position to first and then makes the nightly news. Read More

Saturday Night Live Korea offers parody look at what Doctor Strange is capable of【Video】

These feats of greatness are made even more spectacular with a duo of easily impressed sidekicks.

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Oddly satisfying: commercial shows Japanese professionals working magic at their jobs【Video】

Slicing wood like cheese, superhuman throwing powers, and more will make you nod in satisfaction.

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A hundred excavators line up along a road in China to make it disappear

A (de)construction company in China is preparing for the newest Olympic event, synchronized destruction!

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Handsome wolf takes Internet by storm – but he’s entirely handmade from wool felt

Japanese animal lovers can’t believe this beautiful creature isn’t real.

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Old Japanese man fends off bear attack with his impressive karate skills

Old man stares death right in the eyes and declares, “Not today!”
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Fireworks photos make us wonder if we’re seeing “fire flowers” or microscopic organisms【Photos】

Interesting camera technique shows fireworks from a totally different point of view.

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