We’re here at E3, and we realize the focus should be on the games, but we did take a small detour and poked around the merchandise store for some sort of souvenir (somehow, I wasn’t satisfied with the mutant rabbit balloon swag from Sunset Overdrive). Overall I wasn’t impressed with the T-shirt designs or commemorative mugs inscribed with “E3,” but there was one exception.

First, a look around the merch store:


▼ “Swag bags” for $2IMG_2295


▼ “Single Gamer looking for Wi-fi”IMG_2267

▼ For the ladies.

▼ The “Player 1” and “Player 2” kids shirts were pretty cute.IMG_2273



▼ We saw a Japanese man buy 25 of these $1 pens…for omiyage no doubt.IMG_2280

▼ E3 logo hats.IMG_2288

▼ And E3 pajamas to remember your time at the expo while you dream.IMG_2289

▼ “I don’t quit – I restart” & “I’m kind of surprised I’m not an action figure by now.”IMG_2292

It was sea of black, grey, and subdued blue hues…with a splash of tye-dye and obligatory pink for the lady gamers. But as we made our way to the front counter, a bright pink sign caught my eye.

▼ Is that what I think it is?IMG_2278

▼ Oh my!IMG_2284

That’s right, official E3 condoms! I secretly hope they have the E3 logo on the actual condom so you can literally be inside of E3 while E3 is inside of you. But alas, I will never know. The thrill of the Destiny demo called me away back to the showroom floor and I left the merch store empty handed.

And don’t worry folks, Booth Babes, swag, and cosplay photos are coming up soon!

Images: RocketNews24