As I’m sure the vast majority of our gamer crowd is aware, it’s almost time to wrap up this year’s annual industry-oriented trade fair, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). RocketNews24 has already covered the big announcements for Sony and Microsoft’s upcoming consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but it’s time now to take a trip through the exhibition booths, where game producers showcase their upcoming titles. Most provide game demos and release brand new trailers to introduce curious attendees to the game’s plot and basic game play. Capcom, however, took a different approach for their booth promoting the all new Dead Rising 3. It’s different in that the booth could barely be approached at all!

Warning: this article contains graphic images that some may find disturbing.

No one could actually enter the space for Capcom’s upcoming action horror game, Dead Rising 3, due to a towering chain link fence which blocked off all passage. The barrier set a sorely unwelcoming tone, but one look beyond the twisted metal links and it was obvious that the fence was less to keep people out and more to keep the creatures within contained. The entire booth was infested with flesh eating zombies, some more vicious than others. With so many undead stumbling through the quarantined space, it was obvious that anyone who forced their way into the booth would surely be eaten. As it was, many of the zombies still cried out and threw themselves against the fence when curious bystanders came to close.

One brave TV reporter attempted to interview one of the zombies, but the answer to each of his questions was just a drawn-out moan. Perhaps he’d have had more luck with the placid zombie munching on an arm beside the drum cans.


After seeing so many of the same old conference tactics, Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 booth was like a breath of fresh air. Well, it was technically a breath stale air tainted by rotting flesh, but nevertheless it garnered a lot of attention from E3 regulars, who’d grown bored with the predictability of the usual booths.

According to Capcom’s press release, Dead Rising 3 will be available exclusively on Microsoft’s next generation console, Xbox One.

Game data:
Name: Dead Rising 3
Developer: Capcom
System: Xbox One
Release date: November 2013 in Europe and America

Reference: Capcom
All images: RocketNews24

▼ Direct from E3. Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 booth is full of zombies!

▼ Approaching the booth, we get the feeling we’re not actually welcome here…


▼ Between the blood and the police tape, something’s off.


▼Then we notice them crawling beyond the chain link fence…





▼ AHhhhhhhhhh!!


▼ Some screech, while others just moan.


▼ But every one of them hungers for human flesh.


▼ Ten-second rule.


▼ I think this one might be possessed.


▼ Some people have no sense of self-preservation.


▼ Imagine how violent they’d be without all these snacks lying about.



▼ Uh-oh. I think they’ve spotted us.




▼ “So tell me, how are you enjoying E3?”


▼ “Eeeuugngnnhhhh arrrennghheehhhnm.” “Well, that’s fantastic.”


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