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With just a few days to go until E3–one of the year’s biggest video game trade shows–opens its doors, we’re currently knee-deep in rumour, speculation and digital fancy. Although Nintendo has already broken millions of gamers’ hearts by stating that its presence at the event will be minimal, both Microsoft and Sony are set to show off their newest hardware, as well as give the gaming press a look at the titles we can expect to play in the near future.

According to a recent poll being hotly shared by Japanese gamers today, though, some press conferences are being looked forward to far more than others.

In an online survey, gaming site GameFAQs asked its readers which aspects of the upcoming trade show they were most excited about. Despite the company’s recent unveiling of its brand new Xbox One console, the results suggest a surprising lack of interest in Microsoft’s presentation, with just 7.57 percent of more than 42,000 readers stating that they were looking forward to hearing more from Bill Gates’ company.

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Of course, it would be wrong to suggest that low expectations of Microsoft’s press conference equate to lack of interest in Xbox One itself. After all, gamers have already been given a glimpse of the new console in the flesh and heard the company’s main sales pitch. But even so, we’d hazard a guess that this is not the news Microsoft was hoping to hear at this point.

Sony fared better in the survey, stealing 28 percent of the vote, with gamers clearly itching to see the PlayStation 4’s final design and get the dirt on the company’s stance on issues like pre-owned software and region locking.

Perhaps most refreshing, though, was that the majority of gamers stressed that they were interested most of all in the games themselves, regardless of the platform on which they appeared. Something that will no doubt sadden the fan-boys throngs who swear blind allegiance to any one platform.

What do you think, rocketeers? Is the future bleak for Microsoft’s new console? Or do Xbox fans already feel that they have the key information they require?

Source: GameFAQs via Jin (Japanese)
Title image via PlayGround